Review of the Keep Pursuing Duffle

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It’s incredibly hard to find a travel bag that’s the perfect blend of form and function. Travel bags are usually either too big, too small, or just plain ill-conceived. It looks like KeepPursuing has come up with the best travel bag out there.


The KP Duffle travel bag has a unique cylindrical shape that is not bulky and very streamlined. The bag is made of high quality scratch resistant material and waterproof zipper. The Duffle has 16 unique compartments despite its relatively small dimensions: 23cm*55cm*27cm. Thanks to its size, it can be taken as hand luggage on an airplane, which is very useful when traveling.


The total volume of the bag is 30 liters. This volume is distributed between the internal and external compartments. On the outside, the Duffle has a ventilated shoe compartment, a hidden phone pocket, an amazingly compact water bottle pocket, a compartment for documents, keys, chargers and other accessories, and several other useful pockets. Inside, the pockets are divided by mesh, so you can always separate your clothes. That’s a lot, so the KP Duffle will make your trip incredibly comfortable. By the way, in this bag everything is thought out to the smallest detail, for example, your pockets will not be able to accidentally unfasten thanks to a cunning clasp.


Despite the large number of compartments, the bag remains minimalist, it will go well with your outfit, whether you are dressed for the office, for training or hanging out with friends. Also worth noting is the contrast between the black exterior and the bright blue interior, which is very stylish.

For review, it was easily packed into 3 T-shirts, 3 pairs of shorts, 3 shirts, jeans and a pair of socks. Sneakers (Size 45) fit in the shoe compartment with a margin. Despite all of the above, there is still a lot of room left in the bag.



This bag comes with a bath nesse and a wet/shoe bag.




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