Review of the Peak Design Everyday Backpack

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Peak Design is known for producing quality accessories designed to make our daily lives easier. Designed to carry any kind of gear and equipment in a variety of environments, the American brand’s bags and backpacks have a huge following across the globe.

It is not surprising that exactly Peak Design Everyday Backpack (along with Everyday tote and Sling) became the highlight of the most ambitious project on Kickstarter, which brought the company about $6.5 million in development (this result is among the top ten campaigns in terms of the amount collected in the history of the crowdfunding platform).

Many years have passed since the launch of that campaign, and the Everyday Backpack has not lost its popularity among Peak Design fans and its significance for the brand. Let’s see what’s so special about it.


A huge plus of the backpack is that its look and functionality is versatile, despite the fact that Peak Design products are aimed at photographers. The accessory perfectly adapts to the needs of the owner. As such, the Everyday Backpack will suit anyone who needs a backpack that is stylish on the outside and organized on the inside.

It is available in three colors — Ash, Charcoal and Black — and two sizes — 20 and 30 liters. For review, we took the first shade — urban and modern, with subtle caramel-colored genuine leather details. The silhouette of the Everyday Backpack differs significantly from traditional backpack shapes. You can immediately tell that in your hands is something unique and special.

The backpack is made of Kodra synthetic canvas with a water-resistant two-layer coating, the interior is based on a durable cotton blend twill lining. You don’t have to worry about the reliability of the fittings — it does not let moisture through and is protected by a transparent coating.

Access to internal compartment

As a rule, backpacks have a zipper that runs along the top of the bag and is not always convenient or secure.

In this piece, Peak Design went beyond the traditional and equipped the Everyday Backpack with a unique hook-and-loop closure. It closes the backpack in one of 4 steps, thereby creating the possibility of changing the volume of the main compartment.

And yes, this lock can be easily opened with one hand. This is really useful if you want to quickly get your camera out and take a good picture.

In addition to this, the backpack provides access to the interior space on the side. A rational design detail that will appeal to photographers and beyond. And there will be no need to remove the backpack from the back.

Just hang the accessory with its side in front of you, and all your accessories will be in front of your eyes. Moreover, they will be organized with Flex Fold dividers.

Inner compartment

Interior space includes 3 rigid Flex Fold dividers that make it easy to organize your photo gear. Use them or not — at your discretion. If you have bulky items with you, then it is better to do without separators.

However, they are very useful when it comes to transporting a lot of accessories, especially a camera, lenses, etc. Dividers have flexible sections that allow you to create smaller «shelves» for stowage of equipment and other accessories.

Also, the backpack has a compartment for a laptop up to 15 inches. It is separated from the main one and is associated with another compartment — for a tablet or notebook. No need to open the main compartment if you need a laptop.

Side pockets

Not every backpack boasts functional and minimalistic pockets, but the Peak Design Everyday Backpack can. They are integrated into the interior space and include smaller compartments. You can put your phone, keys, charger, memory cards in them.

Exterior side pockets expand for a great space for a water bottle or tripod. Most importantly, they do not stand out against the background of a minimalistic backpack design.

Peak Design Everyday Backpack is a backpack that impresses with its limitless functionality. It will become an excellent travel companion (I almost forgot, there is a strap on the back that allows you to attach the accessory to the suitcase handle) or a reliable partner for every day. In any situation, this is a stylish and practical backpack with which you will feel a little easier.


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