RFID wallets

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In this article, we will talk about what RFID wallets are, what makes them special, how and from what they protect your cards and personal data.


Constant visual control of bank cards and passports will protect you from pickpockets. But what about thieves who don’t need to get that close? Many cards and passports use RFID technology and an attacker can «steal» these items without even physically touching them, leaving them with a person. So what exactly is RFID and how can you protect your RFID valuables? You will learn in this given quick guide to RFID security…

What RFID?

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. This chip-based technology is used in many industries, as well as in credit cards or passports to store personal information that can be transferred to an RFID scanner.


What is RFID theft?

RFID theft (often referred to as «skimming») refers to theft using a scanner to read and duplicate personal information from someone’s RFID item without the knowledge of the owner. Although it is extremely rare so far on the street, security researchers have demonstrated successful «attacks» (methods of stealing information from some RFID-enabled devices) and the illegal use of such attacks can lead to credit card fraud or identity theft.


How does an RFID-protected wallet work?

A material designed to block RFID signals is included in the lining of the wallet. While your cards or passport are wrapped inside this material, the scanner will not be able to read the information inside.

Are the cards protected when the wallet is open?

It depends on the design of the wallet and you should check this point with the seller of the wallet. Blocking material only works effectively if your cards or passport are wrapped in it. In some wallets, the material is not included in the inner panels (this may be a design feature that allows the card to be scanned by opening the wallet without removing the card).


How dangerous is the situation in which you buy a non-RFID secure wallet?

RFID theft is extremely rare these days. However, security tests while investigating the problem have shown successful attacks against some RFID cards and passports. Those who make RFID cards and passports continue to upgrade the technology they use, and attackers and security researchers continue to work on how to hack it. …and yet, RFID theft is extremely rare. So you should make your own decision.

How to find out if your passport or card has RFID-technology?

If the credit card uses an RFID chip, the corresponding symbol must be visible on the front of the card, as shown in the photo below.





Regarding passports, you will notice a small chip icon on the cover.

If you have any doubts, check this point with the card issuing bank or at the FMS department where you were issued your passport.

Why do brands release wallets with RFID— protection?

There is a demand for such protection because enough people are concerned about RFID security. And in the near future, attackers may become more active in search of unprotected cards in public places.


Are they worth RFIDAre secure wallets more expensive?

In general, RFID-protected designs tend to cost more than conventional models, as the addition of RFID-protective material increases the cost of production.

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