Road and sports bag BRIALDI Grand Liverpool (Grand Liverpool)

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Liverpool, in England, is a port city whose residents know firsthand about moving and packing luggage. From time immemorial, this city has been one of the largest transportation hubs in Britain. Apparently, this is why the Grand Liverpool road and sports bag, handmade by Brialdi’s craftsmen, bears such a name. It’s easy to guess that you simply won’t find a better companion that combines style and convenience.

The main asset of any Brialdi brainchild is the material from which it is created. Expensive leather is the hallmark of any bag from this company. The proven and honed traditions of leather craft have been inherited by the brand for more than a hundred years, and this speaks for itself. Every seam and stitch, every detail and fastening is made with the greatest professionalism and sense of taste.

Grand Liverpool is a capacious and dimensional trunk. If you like to travel or play sports that require special equipment, it will serve you well. But, despite all its practicality, Grand Liverpool does not lose at all in appearance. The sticker «Brialdi» is attached to it by no means in vain, because the bag is distinguished by precise features and elegant details that make it look like a serious accessory, and not an ordinary knick-knack.

Socrates considered a lot of things completely unnecessary, content with a minimum. Owning a trunk like the Grand Liverpool, we can afford to disagree with the ancient Greek. Thanks to the main spacious compartment, we can take with us on a trip not only the most necessary things, but also a lot of all sorts of little things that are just nice to have at hand. Your clothes, electronic devices, personal care items and other luggage will fit perfectly in the beautifully lined compartments, while the necessary documents, whether it be a passport or train tickets, will find their place in a special zippered pocket.

Travel beautifies and nourishes human minds. So why not feed your mind in comfort? Take your Grand Liverpool bag with you and your adventure will go off without a hitch.


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