Roomy business bag BRIALDI Lakewood (Lakewood)

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Any busy person, be it a businessman, a lawyer or a realtor, quite often needs to move around the city. What is most difficult about this (not counting traffic jams) is that you always need to have a lot of all kinds of accessories with you: from small things like your own documents and stationery, to bulky folders with papers, tablets and laptops. The Brialdi Lakewood bag is the perfect choice for transporting all these essentials.

Based on the foregoing, we can conclude that this bag is quite roomy. And this is true, it is great for those who, on duty, are faced with piles of papers or are forced to carry a laptop with them. The front of the bag is equipped with spacious outer pockets for storing small accessories or, for example, business cards. There is also a wide pocket on the back, the size of an A4 sheet. All pockets, as well as the main compartment, are closed with a zipper. The bag can be carried by the soft and comfortable handles, or thrown over the shoulder with the shoulder strap.

What pleasantly surprises in the appearance of this bag is the material from which it is made. Chic genuine leather of the highest quality will immediately declare itself to others. Plastic leather with a matte sheen remarkably retains the shape of the product and protects it from all sorts of weather and mechanical adversities. Everyone knows that exclusive and prestigious accessories are made from such leather.

Let’s find out what’s inside? Inside the bag there are small pockets for the most valuable items. Your passport, phone and family photo will feel as safe as possible in them. It is important to note that inside the bag is equipped with a very convenient partition that will separate your favorite magazines and newspapers from working papers. And your tablet will be protected from scratches thanks to a fabric lining with a protective Silktouch coating.

So what do we have? The Brialdi Lakewood bag is perhaps the most successful choice for any business person. Roomy, comfortable, reliable, stylish. In addition to all that has been said, the “Made by hand” tag flaunts on it and these are not empty words. It is made with all the care and responsibility inherent in professional firms. This bag will serve its customer well, accompanying him on all his business trips.


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