Secrid + Freitag collaboration

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Would you think that a bag or backpack could be made out of truck tarp and look cool at the same time? You may not imagine such accessories in your mind — they already exist, and they are created by Freitag from Zurich.

The brand uses scrap materials — bicycle tubes, airbags, seat belts, etc. — and creates non-standard, and most importantly, unique bags and backpacks from them, which are in great demand throughout Europe.

You know what could be cooler than Secrid and Freitag wallets? Only their collaboration!

Creating a wallet from recycled materials is a real skill. The designers had to spend a huge amount of time only on designing the accessory, since their goal was to change not only the appearance, but also the interior.

Testing was also necessary — developers must be sure that the accessory will cope with everyday tasks. Will all cards fit? And where to put the banknotes? Will I be able to pay with a card without taking it out of my wallet? — these are just a small part of the questions that the producers asked themselves in the process of creating the Freitag x Secrid collaboration.

Thirty(!) prototypes later, the F705 SECRID × FREITAG wallet was born. The novelty holds up to 6 cards, each of which will be under RFID protection. One pull of the hook and all your cards are in front of you. Choose any! Speaking of uniqueness, the card protector is engraved with some asphalt parts of the road between The Hague and Zurich, which look cosmic on the wallet. You can hardly find the same feature in other cardholders.

The material from which the wallet is made is tarpaulin from trucks. It is not immediately sewn onto the model of the accessory — first, the “fabric” undergoes laser processing to refine the design, and only then is used as the final version. The main feature of this material is rigidity. Believe me, after years on a tarpaulin wallet that has undergone special processing (not laser), there will be no scuffs at all. «Reliable as a Swiss watch!»

As a result, we get a wallet that has fully retained the magical functionality of Secrid and acquired the original uniqueness of Freitag in the form of canvas as the main material of the wallet and engraving on the card protector. Everything is cool, but there are only 50 such cardholders. But do not rush to get upset, perhaps the manufacturers will come to their senses, and this collaboration will last!

This limited edition is only sold on the official Freitag website.


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