Secrid MiniWallet Review

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Superior Design

While Secrid bills itself as a wallet and has several wallet options, let’s be honest, it’s not really a wallet at all, but rather an aluminum cardholder with hard card slots. Secrid holds 6-10 cards, but this number varies depending on the type of cards (they are embossed or flat). Cards are loaded easily and hold securely inside the wallet.

The wallet can be turned over, thrown, dropped — not a single card will fall out of the wallet, even if there is only one credit card inside. A lever is responsible for this function, which both holds and ejects the cards. In general, the mechanism deserves respect, since there is nothing to worry about with it at all.


In our experience, the lever is quite unusual at first, since before that we simply opened the wallet and took out the desired credit card. However, over time, you get used to it and intuitively poke the lever. It should be said right away that Secrid is more convenient for right-handed people, but this does not mean that it is absolutely not suitable for left-handed people — it will just take 1-2 seconds more in this case (yes, the Bag & Wallet team thoroughly checks each wallet). Pulling the lever will not be difficult at all — this can be done even with the little finger. In general, from experience, the ring finger ideally «lays down» under this lever.

Also, the speed of the «shot» of the cards depends solely on your movement — if you want to carefully remove the cards, carefully pull the lever. If you need to get the card quickly — pull sharply. Everything is simple and thoughtful!

And most importantly, when you open the cards, they stand up one by one, the so-called cascade — in this way it is easier to find the right card.

Not only bank cards

If you, like us, carry cash just in case, there is a special place for them in Secrid. Using a magnetic button or a rivet (depending on the type of Secrid’a), you can open a cash slot and 2 additional card slots. The wallet has a three-leaf opening, which leaves it slender even when it is completely filled with cards and banknotes. This is a huge plus for those who don’t like bulky wallets. The Bag&Wallet team has an extremely negative attitude towards «fat» wallets.

How to get rid of a bulky wallet read here:

It should be noted that the wallet is made in the Netherlands and has not yet been adapted for US dollars. Yes, the photo shows dollars, but they are not held as firmly as, for example, euros.

By the way, business cards in a vertical state fit perfectly into the compartment for banknotes. And more bills will fit in the wallet if you put them in the folded state.

Most importantly, all cards are protected from RFID fraud.

Pros and cons


— The mechanism works perfectly, simply and quickly

— Slim and minimalist wallet

— Reliability of cards and their RFID protection

— Many configurations


— There are difficulties with the compartment for cash

— Relief cards are not pulled out so easily

The wallet itself is very functional. Plus, it’s stylish too. This is a mixture of a minimalist wallet and an aluminum cardholder, with only the best parts taken from each of them.

Is it worth buying a wallet?

Worth it if:

— You don’t carry much cash

— You have no more than 6-10 bank cards

— You care about the safety of cards

— Do you mind a metal wallet?

If you liked the wallet, then you can get acquainted with the Secrid collection in our store:


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