Small travel bag BRIALDI Houston (Houston)

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What do we know about the Brialdi brand? At least the fact that the traditions of leather craftsmanship, inherited by him, take their roots in Florence, and the same spirit of craftsmanship accompanies Brialdi masters to this day. The company is also famous for the quality of its first-class products all over the world, because it produces items of the highest price segment for people who know a lot about fashion accessories. The Houston bag can also be counted among such accessories, because it is distinguished by intoxicating elegance and ultimate practicality.

The masters of Brialdi delight us again with the elegance of their design solutions. With the help of modern materials, they embody the now fashionable retro style, causing double feelings when you see this bag. On the one hand, we have a bag of the middle of the last century, but the details in the form of seams and fasteners and the material of manufacture do not let us forget that this bag is still our contemporary.

Two padded handles, decorated with shiny metal clasps, allow you to carry the bag in your hands. If the burden is too heavy, you can throw it over your shoulder with the help of a shoulder strap and let your arms rest. Taking this baby with you on the road, you will never regret: thanks to its small dimensions, it will not take up much space and will not become too much of a burden.

Going through how much you need to take with you on the road, you can be horrified — what if it doesn’t fit? Despite its modest size, Houston is able to accommodate everything you need: a change of clothes, small accessories, electronic devices and more. The bag opens almost around the entire perimeter, which allows you to quickly and conveniently get all your favorite things. There is also a dedicated zippered pocket for your most important documents.

For many people, the road is an unpleasant and tiring process. But our masters have done everything possible to make your trip as convenient and carefree as possible. It’s nice to feel so concerned about your own comfort, isn’t it?


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