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You don’t think about some things at all until you start moving around cities and countries a lot. — and then in the ranking of your values ​​in the top lines, not “luxurious things” or “fashionable things” begin to appear, but comfortable things, comfortable things, or light and transforming things, for example. One of my buddies told me about the Bellroy accessories that he currently represents, and I thought I’d show you those too, as it’s a great idea for those who are space conscious in their bag.

Bellroy is a smart storage brand with super thin and light wallets and document accessories. In total, the collection has nine models of wallets made of natural, thin and durable leather, and each of them is as ergonomic as possible. No weighting parts, extra partitions and other things — pure functionality and minimalism. Compare, for example, a Bellroy wallet with an average men’s wallet:

Meanwhile, in Bellroy everything is wonderfully ordered: banknotes, plastic cards, travel documents. There are models with compartments for coins, but my favorite model is for travelers. There you can neatly fold money, passport, boarding passes. Everything is very neat, weighs almost nothing and, if desired, fits in a pocket.

The only official representative of Bellroy in Russia is the Bag&Wallet online store. Before making a choice, you can see not only photos of wallets, but also small videos that clearly demonstrate the simple and elegant smart storage system from Bellroy.

Well, traditionally, I give links to the social networks of the VKontakte store and Facebook to receive operational updates.

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