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In the experimental section of the online magazine «Shipyards» — the history of the company’s customer service about the most unusual deliveries. In the first issue, we will talk about the long journey of one of the orders and the history of the name of our rubric.

Jokes about Russian Post and speed, as well as delivery errors, have come into common use. At the same time, mail is still an important channel through which our customers receive their orders. One of the reasons is that Russian Post delivers to such settlements that delivery services do not even know about. One of these places is the village of Taymylyr, located in the Bulunsky ulus of Yakutia. Today we’ll tell you about the journey the Family Matters folder made to find itself in the north of Russia.

Six months by mail.
Taymylyr village

It all started on September 1, 2020, when the order was placed. Already at night from September 3rd to 4th, the parcel was in Moscow, from where it arrived on the 13th in Neryungri. This is the second largest city in Yakutia, founded in 1975. The average temperature for the year here is -6.9 degrees Celsius. The distance to Moscow is 7.5 thousand kilometers, which is about a fifth of the Earth’s equator.

Then, on September 16, the folder arrived from Neryungri to Yakutsk, from where it set off the next day to the next point of the route. On February 20, already 2021, Family affairs arrived in the Tiksi urban-type settlement. It is located in the same Bulunsky ulus as the destination. This settlement is one of the 10 Arctic ports of Russia. Navigation in Tiksi lasts less than 3 months a year. For the year, the average temperature in this place is -12.8 degrees Celsius. Both Tiksi and Taymylyr are constantly hard-to-reach settlements for ground communication, so most parcels are delivered there by air, and delivery times are not known in advance and regularly change depending on weather conditions.

Six months by mail.
Tiksi urban-type settlement

On March 9, the parcel was handed over to the recipient directly in Taymylyr. This is the longest delivery in the history of the Shipyard. In mid-March, we received money on the account and, trying to figure out why the September order was delivered only in March, Stanislav, the responsible employee of the Shipyard, said that “the trip of the hobbits to Mordor is not as epic as the trip of our Family Matters folder to the village in the far North». According to our calculations, before reaching the client, our folder has traveled about 11,000 km.


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