The best accessories for summer: from a fanny pack to a panama Fashion historian Milana Abiyeva spoke about the most relevant accessories for the upcoming summer especially for the online magazine «Shipyards». Read more

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Fashion historian Milana Abieva spoke about the most relevant accessories for the coming summer especially for the online magazine «Shipyards».

With the onset of summer, many residents of large cities are faced with a difficult task. Enduring hot summer days, enjoying the long-awaited warmth, but not looking like you have confused the expanses of the asphalt jungle with the sea coast is not an easy task. In all the variety of summer accessories offered to us by various brands, the main thing is to make the right choice. And it is desirable to kill two birds with one stone, focusing on accessories that will not only be relevant, stylish and appropriate in the city, but will also come in handy when traveling.

Baseball cap

The baseball cap has become, perhaps, one of the most relevant headwear of the summer. This time, designers from all segments have given free rein to their imagination. This season, you will find in stores not only «timeless» baseball caps with NY and LA slogans, but also baseball caps with floral prints, funny slogans and even images of cult cartoon characters.

Luxury brands continue to imbue baseball caps with recognizable logos, as well as logomania, which is still at the peak of popularity. And even the most discreet and conservative brands, such as Loro Piana, offer their customers a trendy accessory, but in a laconic way – plain caps with a barely noticeable logo or without it at all, made of the finest twill.

The best accessories for summer: from a fanny pack to a panama
The best accessories for summer: from a fanny pack to a panama

How to wear such a frankly sporty accessory? Well, the fashion for mixing styles is still with us, so you can wear a baseball cap not only with jeans and a T-shirt. The main thing is not to be shy and be yourself!

If you want to create a stylish look, then I recommend that you give preference to more daring and non-standard solutions. Pair with a relaxed fit linen suit, a feminine sundress and, of course, Bermuda shorts for the time being.

Orthopedic sandals

Good news for everyone who likes to be not only fashionable, but also comfortable — orthopedic-type sandals are still on the must-have list of summer wardrobe. These sandals will make your summer look relaxed, stylish and will allow you to make long walks through the streets of the city, discovering new, unexplored places.

If you prefer sporty style, choose models from textiles — the variety of colors will please even the most capricious buyers. If you like more classic solutions, then your wardrobe can be supplemented with sandals made of leather or suede in neutral shades.

Classic black should not be written off either — it still remains the «king of colors» — it is easily combined with most looks. And for lovers of brighter or even outrageous solutions, the designers did their best and created a variety of models adorned with stones, pearls and even massive chains of obviously exaggerated sizes. You just have to choose what you like more, and feel free to go in search of a suitable pair.

The best accessories for summer: from a fanny pack to a panama

Micro bags

The best accessories for summer: from a fanny pack to a panama

Micro bags have become so truly «micro» that they have completely lost their intended purpose. In some cases, only one name remained. Nevertheless, their popularity is only growing, and this season such handbags can already be found not only in luxury brands, but also in the mass market. This once again emphasizes that micro-bags are at the peak of their popularity.

Often, even lipstick cannot fit into this accessory, not to mention modern smartphones. Despite this, it is the micro-bag that will make your look truly ultra-fashionable and will become your pass to the ranks of the most stylish residents of the city.

Such a handbag can be worn both over the shoulder and around the neck in front, as a sautoir. World fashion giants such as Chanel, for example, did not stop at micro bags alone. They went much further, releasing a whole collection of jewelry imitating a newfangled accessory.

In any case, if you need to take at least the keys to the apartment and any documents with you, then you will have to complement the image with a “real” handbag. Do not forget that functionality and practicality are still in trend.

The best accessories for summer: from a fanny pack to a panama

Belt bags

If you still haven’t appreciated the trend for micro-bags, then I advise you to pay attention to fanny packs, which are still extremely relevant. In summer, this model is convenient to wear over the shoulder. It will perfectly complement both relaxed looks and flying summer sundresses and linen shirts borrowed from your companion’s wardrobe. Such a handbag will not only leave your hands free, allowing you to enjoy a bike ride or a ride on a scooter, but will also contain everything you need.

The best accessories for summer: from a fanny pack to a panama

Massive jewelry

Speaking of jewelry, the trends of the new season will delight lovers of massive jewelry. After a long dominance of the thinnest and barely noticeable accessories, massive chains are back in fashion.

Moreover, such chains can decorate not only the neck or wrists, but also bags, shoes and even sunglasses. However, I do not advise you to abuse this trend. It is worth remembering the trend for minimalism. One massive element in addition to a simple and unobtrusive look will be enough to create a fashionable and appropriate look.

The best accessories for summer: from a fanny pack to a panama


The best accessories for summer: from a fanny pack to a panama

Until recently, Panama remained exclusively a beach accessory (we do not take fishermen and skaters into account). However, recent seasons have shown and proved that Panama can be a great accessory not only on the seashore, but also in the city.

Moreover, we are talking not only about straw or cotton Panama hats. Dense synthetic hats are also in use, which, at the end of the summer season, will be able to adequately complement the current autumn looks. The trend is so popular that everyone will be able to find panama both to their liking and to their pocket.

From the luxury version of Prada to quite democratic, but no less stylish from H&M. Those who are ready to endure the heat for the sake of the image will like the panama option made of eco-leather or vinyl. These materials also remain in trend, being not only relevant, but also environmentally friendly.

The best accessories for summer: from a fanny pack to a panama


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