The Elko Pocket Knife Review by James Brand

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They say that a person can be characterized by his wallet. The same can be done based on his pocket knife. If you are a person for whom the EDC — folding knife plays a huge role, then your accessory should be as personalized, stylish and functional as your wallet.

We’ve already reviewed TJB the County, it’s time for the smallest of The James Brand’s entire line — a sleek, minimalistic the Elko, made in bold black

So, we have a compact folding knife at our disposal, which is convenient to carry and looks great. Not bad, isn’t it? Digging deeper, it gets even better. Because the Elko is more than just a knife.

Equipped with a Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel blade and a handle tip that doubles as a keychain holder, bottle opener and flathead screwdriver, the Elko is a true all-rounder that takes care of everything from opening a cold drink at the end of the day to tightening screws on glasses during working hours.

The Elko is made of a material that will cope with all kinds of bad weather. With a vacuum coating that resists sand, snow and water, there is no doubt about the capabilities of TJB the Elko.

This folding knife stands out in a market brimming with multi-tools for its affordability, functionality and toolbox. Not everyone needs a minimalist knife, flathead screwdriver and bottle opener, but it’s all included in the Elko.

But sometimes a durable knife with extra features is just what we’re looking for. And The James Brand motto «maximum utility, minimal form» is accurately reflected in the brand’s products, especially in TJB the Elko.

The James Brand the Elko knife can be purchased from our store. It is available in eight colors.


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