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Fashion historian Milana Abieva spoke about the most popular purses for women and the various purposes of this accessory especially for the online magazine «Shipyards».

Of course, the technological progress that is gaining momentum and the development of it-technologies cannot but affect our lifestyle and, of course, what we wear and what accessories we wear. The pace of life has become so fast, and the information is so virtual that sometimes the need for some things does not exist at all.

Nevertheless, the eternal classic does not lose its relevance and does not cease to be necessary. Accessories such as handbags, wallets, travel bags still help us out every day, carefully storing all the most valuable and important things. Today I suggest you consider the most popular ladies wallets for all occasions.

The most popular women's wallets

A classic wallet-purse is, perhaps, an all-season attribute of any woman. If you cannot imagine your life without order in everything, then a purse is an absolutely indispensable accessory for you. Such a wallet will not only ideally accommodate various banknotes, but also all types of plastic cards, and even essential documents — for example, a driver’s license or documents.

If a vintage spirit lives in you and you like to carry a “talisman” banknote or other memorable little things with you, then this will ideally fit a purse. Such a wallet is simply indispensable for those who prefer bulky shopping bags.

After all, we all know firsthand that a handbag is a hotel kingdom, in which it is sometimes extremely difficult to find anything. Nevertheless, there are dynamic and mobile people among us who prefer compact handbags, and sometimes even their absence.

The most popular women's wallets

Indeed, many are familiar with the situation when plans to take a bike ride or just a small evening promenade end in a hectic shifting of everything you need from a purse into pockets or into a more compact handbag. In this case, it is better to opt for a compact folding wallet that will hold plastic cards and the required number of bills, but will not take up much space in a fanny purse or a clutch with a long strap.

The most popular women's wallets

Special admirers of minimalism can opt for an ultra-concise wallet designed to carry a pair of bank cards and several banknotes.

The most popular women's wallets

The permanent favorite of all representatives of the beautiful half of humanity is the so-called wallets on a chain, which came into fashion about a decade ago and won the hearts of fashionistas. A wallet on a chain, which looks like a miniature handbag, sometimes becomes a real lifesaver.

Such a wallet fits perfectly into everyday looks, is applicable as an accessory to a cocktail dress, and, depending on external characteristics, can even complement an evening look. A huge plus of such an accessory is that inside it has compartments characteristic of a classic purse. In addition, a little extra space allows you to fit in it also lipstick, car or apartment keys and a couple of necessary little things.

The most popular women's wallets

A wallet on a chain can be used as a handbag, as well as carried in your shopper, using it as a purse. Having received an unexpected invitation to dinner or a party, a long chain strap will quickly turn it into an independent and appropriate accessory.

Do not forget that it is the wallet that is considered one of the most important accessories due to its important role in the life of each of us. Therefore, you should separately pay attention to the compactness, functionality and appearance of the wallet in order to always stay on top.


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