Top 5 Next Generation Smart Wallets

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1. Walli — The smart wallet

Walli is a smart wallet that connects to your phone and sends you notifications if you forgot it somewhere. As soon as you move a certain distance, your wallet will instantly remind you that you don’t have it. But that’s not all — this function also works in the opposite direction. You can also use your wallet in case your phone is lost. By double clicking on the wallet, you will activate the ringer on the phone, even if it is in silent mode!

Another interesting feature about Walli is that it constantly monitors the contents of the wallet. Let’s say if you left your bank card somewhere, the wallet will instantly remind you of this!

Walli has enough space to store 3 credit cards, 3 business cards, passport, cash and even a boarding pass. You might think that Walli is quite cumbersome to store all these things, but here you will be pleasantly surprised. Walli looks neat and stylish even when it’s full!

More about Walli Smart Wallet:

2.Woolet is the thinnest smart wallet that you will never lose

Woolet is a stylish smart wallet that alerts you every time you leave your wallet somewhere. At just under 10mm wide, the Woolet provides plenty of room for credit cards and cash.

An interesting feature of the Woolet is that it can be charged using wireless charging; you do not have to look for a new battery for your smart wallet every six months. And Woolet does not need to be charged every day, like a phone — it holds a charge (attention!) for 2 years. This seems to be enough to ensure the high functionality of this smart wallet.

The Woolet also has a hidden pocket to store your most intimate items safely and securely. Woolet is pretty simple, looks amazing, and definitely worth the money!

More about Woolet wallets —

3. Ekster — a new type of contactless payment

Ekster looks very cool and stylish and is a smart wallet. As with every smart wallet, it immediately alerts you if your wallet is out of range and tracks location.

The button that provides easy and quick access to credit cards is the highlight of this wallet and is not available in other smart wallets. Ekster does not require a battery change — the wallet can be simply recharged and the battery life is 6 months.

An interesting feature of Ekster is the Backup Trace feature, with which we can remotely activate the camera on the wallet to see its location and who took it!

4. Wocket is the smartest smart wallet you will ever have

Wocket is more of a credit card smart wallet than a real wallet, but the technology will be very useful for people who use a lot of credit/debit cards.

Wocket does not require connection to a smartphone. All you need is to authorize your cards in the wallet itself using the adapter. Once you do this, you make contactless payments much easier! All you need to do is select the card you want to pay with using the touch screen on the wallet.

Wocket is a smart wallet that we recommend for those who use a lot of cards. Wocket is the best option for storing a huge amount of credit cards!

5. Volterman — reliable and stylish protection for cards and money

Volterman has only recently entered the smart wallet market, but in just a week has managed to establish itself as the most advanced smart wallet on the market. Why? Everything is very simple — it is incredibly functional, some of its capabilities are simply impossible to believe!

— built-in power-bank (portable battery) for 2600 mAh

— telephone notification of the location of the wallet

— tracking the location of the wallet using GPS

— built-in Wi-Fi router that works anywhere in the world

— Thief Detection Camera, taking pictures of people who have ever touched a wallet

In addition to the built-in technology, the Volterman Bifold is also a thin and light wallet made from high quality materials.

And all these functions with a thickness of 11 mm! Sometimes it seems that this is not a wallet, but a real smartphone. The price of the wallet may seem exorbitant at first, but believe me, the wallet is worth it!

In conclusion, I would like to say that in a few years everyone will have a smart wallet. We advise you to buy now, so that later it does not turn out to be «mainstream»!

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