Travel and sports bag BRIALDI Diamante (Diamante)

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Today you can find a lot of things, thanks to which you can look respectable. It could be a car, a Swiss watch, an expensive suit. But what about the bag? Especially if this bag is a representative of the luxury accessories segment, made by a company with more than a century of experience in creating luxurious leather items. Perhaps, Brialdi’s Diamante bag can make your appearance really respectable.

Take her on the road or to training, she will play her role perfectly everywhere, attracting the attention of others, but not conspicuously. We can say that Diamante looks minimalistic, because it does not have a single extra detail. We see only verified professional stitches, comfortable pockets and soft handles. Saddle leather with a matte finish perfectly complements the outer design of the accessory.

Regarding the ergonomics of their bags, Brialdi never fails either. Two deep side pockets on the outside will hold small items, while a small zippered pocket on the back is suitable for more valuable items that need quick access, ideal for a key or phone. Throwing the bag over your shoulder with a soft leather strap, you can safely go on the road. But first you need to find out what the Diamante bag hides inside.

The wide main compartment will comfortably fit all the luggage you need. You can safely put inside not only clothes, but also, say, your electronic assistant, because such a bag can be entrusted with any of your belongings. It will store its contents in a soft fabric lining under a metal zipper. Isn’t it the best conditions for your iPad? And a couple of nice little things: inside there are still three pockets, one of which is zipped, where you can put some trinkets, as well as a passport or plane tickets.

So, such a respectable-looking and such a comfortable and ergonomic accessory from Brialdi masters is hard to ignore. Such bags do not linger on store shelves for a long time, their relevance and convenience immediately captivate lovers of practical leather things. Become one of them!


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