Travel and sports bag BRIALDI Liverpool (Liverpool)

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We can say that the old saying «make or break» has something to do with the possession of an expensive prestigious bag. It means that it is better to either have the best of its kind, or not have any at all, so as not to spoil your image with a mediocre accessory. When you see a Liverpool bag from the brilliant masters of Brialdi, you will immediately give yourself the answer: “Of course, sir!”

As you know, Brialdi has been manufacturing luxury leather accessories for over a hundred years. From time immemorial and until today, Brialdi’s clients are high-ranking officials and important public figures. In order not to harm the appearance of noble persons, Brialdi bags are never full of pretentious pathos. They are reserved and look worthy of their owners.

Touch the bag with your hand. Although things are not endowed with the ability to speak, some can still give some information about their owner. Luxurious Canyon leather, carefully crafted and hand-sewn by Italian artisans, is the first to keep its word in the Liverpool bag.

In addition, the Liverpool bag is convenient to take with you wherever you go. Whether it’s a workout or a short commute, this leather masterpiece will always come in handy. The bag can be carried by the soft handles, and when tired, you can hang it on your shoulder. Liverpool’s versatile design is perfect for both men and women.

Thanks to its spaciousness, Liverpool can take you wherever you go. In the wide main compartment, you can carry a lot of things: clothes, shoes, hygiene items and even important documents (after all, there is a separate zipped pocket for them). In addition, there are a couple of open pockets for various little things like a phone or wallet.

On the road! Whether you are boarding an airplane, boarding a train or driving a car, know that Brialdi always lives up to the trust placed in it. Bags like the Liverpool are the most reliable companions for people who like to provide themselves with comfort and style.


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