Travel and sports bag BRIALDI Modena (Modena)

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The ancient Romans left us a beautiful testament: «A healthy mind in a healthy body.» It is quite possible to be guided by the opinion of the Romans: who, if not they, together with the Greeks, knew a lot about sports? On the thorny path to a healthy body and spirit, you will be accompanied by another masterpiece from the masters of Brialdi — the Modena travel and sports bag, the spaciousness and elegance of which knows no equal.

About the exterior:

From the outside, the Modena looks like an expensive and oversized leather bag, but it’s not that simple. Along with its purely practical purpose, Modena is also characterized by sophistication of style and elegance of details. Firstly, the material from which the Brialdi craftsmen sew their accessories deserves the highest praise. This is genuine Antique leather, which is great for sewing things in the English style. Secondly, the side outer pockets, which contain both small sports accessories, such as a mouthguard or a gym membership, as well as a mobile phone and wallet that are always at hand. And, thirdly, comfortable soft handles and a shoulder strap that provide high mobility of the bag.

About the interior:

The Modena bag is great not only for sports, but also for serious travel. Its roomy main compartment allows you to take with you the necessary luggage, and thanks to the internal pockets you can take important business papers and other valuables with you. Those who value their brogues or loafers exceptionally will be pleased to know that there is a separate compartment for shoes. And you won’t find better linings for your items than the Silktouch fabric cover.


Take your Modena bag to a relaxing golf game or a tough boxing match. It will also accompany you on a long journey and make it as comfortable as possible. Modena Brialdi is a prestigious, expensive and practical accessory worthy only of true connoisseurs of quality accessories.


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