Travel and sports bag BRIALDI Newcastle (Newcastle)

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Once again, the masters of Brialdi apply for names for their products to the cities of foggy Albion. This time their choice fell on a city from the northeast coast of England — Newcastle upon Tyne, known for its ancient history, a special dialect and, of course, the Newcastle United football club. A travel bag bearing this name reflects a truly British character: discreet, practical and insanely stylish.

The authors of the Newcastle bag cannot be reproached for either the excessive pomposity of the product or the lack of originality in the design. The Newcastle travel bag is an elegant, minimalist accessory for those who want to make an extremely positive impression on passers-by, but in no case be conspicuous by excessive pathos. Everything in this bag works for your image, and especially premium leather, which is highly durable and bright in its texture.

What characterizes the appearance of the Newcastle bag is the presence of the most convenient handles, for which the designers have provided a convenient leather holder, for which it is comfortable to carry even such a large bag. The kit also comes with a detachable shoulder strap, which will make it easier to carry the bag if it is heavily loaded. This universal model is suitable for both busy businessmen and people with a free schedule, both for women and men.

Let’s digress from the elegant zippers and fasteners, and find out what the English guest has prepared inside. Here we have a spacious main compartment, which will fit everything you need for your holiday trip or business trip. Brialdi craftsmen have not forgotten that you may need some documents on the road, and therefore they have provided a special zippered pocket for them. Two open pockets can hold all sorts of little things, such as keys or an important business card.

The Newcastle travel bag is an eye-catching accessory for an equally glamorous wearer. With such a bag, you just want to appear in public, sparkling with your wonderful acquisition.


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