Travel bag BRIALDI Baveno

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Whether you agree with me or not, the bag that we take with us on planes and trains, which accompanies us everywhere, must be functional, reliable, and reflect the type of voyage. It goes without saying that a backpack is in no way suitable for a business trip. Whereas a well-chosen bag is quite appropriate for short trips.

Another detail when choosing this accessory is its aesthetic qualities. A thinking person, even when traveling, will not allow himself to look sloppy and tasteless.

And Baveno travel bags from the Italian brand BRIALDI are stylish, fashionable, aristocratic!

Whether you are on a business trip, traveling in search of adventure, or planning another exotic vacation — it is suitable for all occasions.


Bulky but not bulky. Impeccable hand-tailoring, restrained aristocratic design. The zippers that fasten to the sides are neatly hidden. The shoulder strap fasteners are cleverly disguised as zip-tail rings. One horizontal outer pocket is more decorative, but if necessary, it can accommodate a smartphone or keys.

The design is universal, but more suitable for young successful people. But it can also attract the attention of self-confident business women.

Elegant genuine Antique leather with preserved natural texture and pull-up effect, which gives the product a rich look, is ideal for creating exquisite things in the old English style — it creates associations with foggy Albion and Scottish castles.

Picture this: you’re sitting in a Heathrow Express car, your Baveno is upstairs on the shelf, the express is rushing you to Paddington Station. Not! Not this way. You have already left your luggage at the hotel, and on the terrace of an old cafe in the heart of London, you are slowly reading a magazine, throwing lazy glances at passers-by. Light smoke over a cup of tea. Oatmeal cookies. And no worries!


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