Travel bag BRIALDI Concord (Concord)

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The leather manufactory of the BRIALDI family began to sew expensive, respectable bags in the second half of the 19th century. The perspicacious Italians realized in time that the industrial boom, the development of the shipping company, the creation of the railway network would quickly lead to a rapid increase in demand for elegant travel bags for a new category of buyers — bankers, manufacturers, representatives of the aristocracy who wanted to travel in style. This is how the quality standards were born, which brought Italian masters worldwide fame.

Improved over a century and a half, the skill of saddlers has reached the standard. Proof of this is BRIALDI Concord.

Styled like a bag, the bag makes an impact at first sight.

This model, in fact, like everything else with the company logo, is hand-sewn.

One spacious main compartment, two inside pockets. Emphasized neat soft handles, comfortable removable shoulder strap. Below on the outer surface are five protective structures.

Drawstring straps on the sides, a retro-style briefcase lock, a massive top flap evoke associations with a classic bag from the past. But this association is fleeting and very remotely suited to our model. Upon closer inspection, it is absolutely clear that BRIALDI Concord is devoid of the bulkiness that was inherent in its distant ancestors. Despite the large volume, it is quite light.

In my opinion, BRIALDI Concord is a solid purchase for serious mobile people who make extraordinary demands on design and quality. But remember that the choice is always yours!


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