Travel bag BRIALDI Cremona (Cremona)

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Cremona is a city of magical beauty in northern Italy, whose history and traditions are closely connected with music. It was here that the brilliant Giuseppe Guarneri, Antonio Stradivari and the dynasty of violin makers Amati worked. Cremona is traditionally associated with the fine arts. Here they are used to producing only unique things.

It is not for nothing that the creators of the Brialdi Cremona bag gave their brainchild a name consonant with this city. You immediately feel the passion for impeccability, the habit of experiencing only pride, joy and pleasure from the fruits of your labor for your work.

This brand has been producing travel bags for wealthy travelers since the mid-nineteenth century. The services of his workshop were used by bankers and industrialists, the aristocracy and even members of royal families. So, if you prefer impeccable quality and centuries of tradition, Brialdi Cremona is the right choice. She will add a purely European chic to the image, if the base is his short coat to the knee and an elegant muffler.

Ideal for business trips. But with a decent tracksuit, it would be quite appropriate to look at a pretentious sports club.

The main compartment opens wide for easy loading and unloading. There are additional internal pockets for documents and small things. «Tails» of zippers are fastened with neat buttons. The bottom is reinforced with five protective metal legs. Saddlery leather, from which the bag is sewn, is considered elite. Dense, wear-resistant, it is, nevertheless, very soft to the touch and elastic. Keeps texture for a long time. It is produced only from whole skins without a single flaw, and accessories from it exude luxury and nobility.

Aristocratically restrained and universal: suitable for men and women with refined taste.


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