Travel bag BRIALDI Detroit (Detroit)

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No matter how often you travel, you should always have a travel bag with you. And it would be better if it was a high-quality and reliable bag, because if fate suddenly gives you a chance to go on a trip, you will not want to go with the first backpack that comes across. The world-famous Brialdi brand is literally created to provide you with a much-needed accessory on the road. For example, a Detroit travel bag will be your perfect travel companion, no matter what winds you would go against.

Whether you send the bag to the trunk of a car or to the cargo hold of an airplane, your luggage is safe, because the bag is made of two types of top quality leather. In her design, Brialdi masters combined Great Nappa and Canyon varieties, which are distinguished not only by unique patterns, but also by high resistance to temperature and moisture. In addition, the hard reinforced bottom of the bag is protected by five reliable stops, so that even in the hold of the ship your luggage will be completely safe.

Carrying comfortably with the padded handles, you’ll most likely prefer to carry it over your shoulder with the leather and woven polyester strap while on the go.

If everything is clear with the exterior, you can move on to the interior of the bag.

Under the metal zipper hides a rather spacious main compartment, which is very convenient and opens wide. You will be able to easily get all the luggage, so carefully packed. The entire main compartment is lined with soft-touch fabric, while a dedicated document compartment lets you organize your travel documents neatly.

Can I take my Detroit bag on the road? Need! If, for example, you are in doubt which of the two pairs of shoes to take with you, take both, because the spaciousness of the main compartment allows this freely. The combination of unobtrusive style and high practicality of this bag will make you elegant and sophisticated even on a tiring road.


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