Travel bag BRIALDI Kronplatz (Kronplatz)

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Tired of boring bags, backpacks and suitcases? Do you want something new, but experiments are not to your taste? How about the good old Brialdi Kronplatz bag? By the way, the word “bag” is translated from French literally as “travel bag”, and this form of luggage is still in great demand and respect.

Kronplatz can truly be called one of the best creations of Brialdi masters. A lot of effort and effort was put into its creation, and they were not wasted. Now we have a perfectly designed, comfortable, practical and damn fashionable bag. The saddle leather from which it is made can be called a favorite material for Brialdi accessories. Indeed, a better and more reliable type of leather is simply not to be found.

Elegant in appearance, this bag also surprises with its ergonomics and maneuverability. Carrying a bag will never be a big inconvenience, because it does not have large dimensions and heavy weight. Plus, it is equipped with comfortable leather handles and a shoulder strap. Finally, the most important detail of this accessory is the bag mechanism, which gives it a special look in retro style.

You probably can’t wait to open it and find out what this guest from the past is hiding.

The huge main compartment is divided into three parts. Here you can conveniently distribute all your luggage without fear of confusing it. In one of these three compartments there is a secret pocket where you can hide your most precious things: your passport, wallet or your personal talisman. By choosing a Kronplatz bag as a companion, you do not run the risk of being faced with a heavy choice of things that you can take with you; it will hold everything you need.

The prestigious brand Brialdi never ceases to amaze us with its high quality accessories. The Kronplatz bag is the crown jewel of a collection of elegant and stylish bags made by Brialdi. The very possibility of owning such a thing is already a pleasure.


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