Travel bag BRIALDI Madrid (Madrid)

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Madrid is a fabulous city, the capital of beautiful Spain. This is the birthplace of passionate men and temperamental women. People who have been to Madrid and imbued with its spirit speak of it with reverent delight. The same name is given to one of the new Brialdi bag models, which brings to mind pleasant associations.

What can surprise us with the Madrid bag?

· Its spaciousness. Obviously, any luggage accessory should have it in abundance. Madrid is no exception.

· Neat and attractive appearance. Brialdi designers know their job like no one else in their line of work.

The quality of the leather from which it is made. Brialdi accessories are famous for their first-class materials — reliable and stylish grades of genuine leather.

· The ability to transport it without worrying about the contents. In addition to durable leather, the Madrid bag is equipped with a reinforced bottom protected by solid legs.

· Original and discreet details. Strong nylon zip, shiny metal studs and buttons — all this harmonizes perfectly in this bag.

· Explicit prestige accessory. It is sometimes difficult to tell by a suit or shoes how well they are sewn, but by the Madrid bag you can immediately determine that this thing is of the highest quality, and that not everyone can afford it.

· An irresistible desire to acquire a bag, which spontaneously arises in anyone who sees it.

As you can see, this is truly a godsend for all kinds of travelers, because the authors of the Madrid bag are aware of the latest fashion whispers, which does not deprive their customers of care and attention. The huge main compartment will hold all your essentials: clothes, shoes, hat, purse and a volume of Stephen King to boot. With such a bag it is pleasant to appear in front of people who will see you off, if not with an envious, then with a respectful look. Not a bag, but a dream.


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