Travel bag BRIALDI Nebraska (Nebraska)

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Translated from the language of the Sioux Indians, the word «Nebraska» is translated as «flat water.» Apparently, the masters of Brialdi, who created the bag with the same name, intended it for the same measured and self-confident people as the calm waters of the rivers of Nebraska. This prestigious accessory will complement the image of wealthy people with its elegant and unique forms.

This travel bag features an elegant and professional finish. This is the merit of Brialdi’s craftsmen, who are selected very carefully, because the traditions of leather craft have been inherited by this company for more than a hundred years. The material for the Nebraska bag is the luxurious Great Nappa leather, which is harmoniously combined with metal details and white stitching around the bag.

The original design solution is three straps on which the main compartment is fastened. It is also worth noting that every leather detail of this wonderful product is made by hand. This gives the bag, and accordingly, the appearance of its owner, more solidity and gloss. You can carry such a bag with you by securely attached leather handles, and when you get tired, you can throw it over your shoulder using a comfortable strap.

Let’s unfasten all the straps and look inside. In the main compartment, you can put the most bulky items of your luggage: clothes, shoes, packages with gifts from distant countries, and the like. If you take any documents with you on the road, there is a separate zippered pocket for them. On the outside there is a small pocket in which you can put things that require immediate access: a phone or a purse.

So, going on a trip to anywhere in the world, a good solution would be to take a Nebraska bag with you. Its modest luxury and surprising ergonomics for such dimensions will help you forget about the hardships of luggage for a long time.


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