Travel bag BRIALDI Rockford (Rockford)

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What do we associate with travel? Of course, with new bright emotions, acquaintances and impressions. But before we arrive at our destination, we have to cover a long distance in a bus, train or plane, dragging our things with us everywhere. The bag in which we carry our belongings can play a much more important role than it seems at first glance. How many times have you witnessed such a picture, when a person’s arms broke off, and he was forced to walk in an embrace with his suitcase, or his zipper broke, and all things fell out? Agree, such troubles can significantly overshadow the whole impression of the trip.

The manufacturers of the BRIALDI Rockford travel bag guarantee that this will never happen to you. You can safely trust her even the most valuable things, because they will safely spend the entire trip in it. All elements of the accessory, which are subjected to the greatest load, have additional firmware, which increases their reliability and durability.

The BRIALDI Rockford bag is a combination of functionality and design. With its help, you will emphasize your taste for elegant things, wherever you are. At the same time, it is very roomy, which makes it possible to pack all the necessary things into it without taking up extra bags and suitcases.

The bag can be worn on the shoulder, as it is equipped with a comfortable strap that is adjustable in length. But if you are more accustomed to carrying your things in your hands, then you can unfasten the belt and hold the bag by the two handles.

This stylish accessory has everything to provide you with maximum comfort. Inside there is an additional compartment where you can put money, documents and other valuables, and on the side there is a small pocket for small things that you may need on the road — a handkerchief, a notebook and much more.

With the BRIALDI Rockford travel bag, any trip will bring only positive emotions.


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