Travel bag BRIALDI Scala (Rock)

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Staying true to your style under any circumstances is a real art. Sometimes, going on a trip, people forget that you can look spectacular and presentable even at the airport or on the platform. Travel bag BRIALDI Scala (Rock) will help you to keep your impeccable image in any, even the longest and tiring journey.

Its laconic, sophisticated design will not leave anyone indifferent. Each of its elements is thought out to the smallest detail to make any of your trip comfortable and enjoyable.

The BRIALDI Scala bag is very roomy thanks to its good shape, but at the same time it remains quite compact and light. Being empty, it weighs practically nothing, therefore, it does not give its owner additional burdens. It can be carried both in the hand and on the shoulder, using a detachable strap that has a number of advantages, the main one being the material. Made from soft leather, it has a woven coating on the inside to avoid irritation and chafing of the shoulder when carrying the bag for a long time. You can also adjust the length of the strap to suit you.

Another indisputable advantage of the BRIALDI Scala bag is its reliability. If you have ever encountered such problems as torn handles, broken zippers, then by purchasing this accessory, you can forget about them forever. Each handle, each rivet that is on the bag has an additional reinforcement, which allows you to fill it with even a very heavy load.

Manufacturers also took into account the fact that in addition to large things, a person always takes small things with him on a trip, including valuable things — documents, money, notebooks and much more. Especially for them inside the bag there are four small pockets, two of which are closed with a zipper.

The BRIALDI Scala travel bag is a stylish and practical solution for every traveler.


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