Travel bag BRIALDI Trento (Trento)

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The individuality of a person is manifested in details — in his clothes, manners, as well as additional accessories that are invariably present in his image, wherever he is. Of course, sometimes there are situations when it is rather problematic to stay true to your style, but you have to think about comfort first of all. It mostly happens while traveling. But the owners of the travel bag BRIALDI Trento (Trento) do not know such problems — their image remains impeccable even during the longest and most tiring journey.

The BRIALDI Trento bag is a stylish and convenient solution for everyone who appreciates retro style in all its manifestations. But having echoes of antiquity in its appearance, this bag has all the qualities that a modern person needs on the road. First of all, it is very roomy, and you can place not only a lot of different things in it, but also quite heavy objects. Its bottom is additionally reinforced, and all elements are carefully stitched, which allows the bag to carry even very heavy loads without any damage.

It also has additional pockets, where it is very convenient to store documents, phones, keys, money and other small but very valuable things.

You can carry the bag both in your hands and on your shoulder using a detachable strap. At the same time, you can put it on the floor or on the ground without any fear — there are special protective legs at the bottom.

In the manufacture of the bag, handmade was used, which makes it even more refined, original, status and stylish. She is able to tell about the impeccable taste of her owner, emphasizing his individuality and sophistication, wherever he is. Travel bag BRIALDI Trento is undoubtedly the best companion on any trip!


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