Ulo interactive security camera review

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Huge eyes are the most prominent detail in an owl. But these are not eyes at all, but liquid crystal displays. Using a smartphone, you can set their color, shape and size.

The eyes do not display warning labels, but by looking at them, one can understand what Ulo means or wants to tell you. For example, when the battery is less than 10%, the owl looks tired. If someone is watching live video, she starts to squint her eyes. If someone takes a picture, Ulo winks.

The owl may be happy, grumpy, upset, surprised, excited, puzzled. These emotions can be set using applications. In general, Ulo is compatible with all operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows 10, OS X, Linux), as long as there is Internet access. Apps are available in both the AppStore and Google Play.

Owl is compatible with IFTTT. If you wish, you can teach her some tricks. For example, when you have a birthday, the owl will be joyful, when you have some business planned, and you are at home, she is puzzled. Ulo can even suffer from allergies instead of his owner: when the level of pollen in the air rises above the indicated level, the owl’s eyes become red and sad.

Synchronized with the weather app, Ulo will be sad when it rains outside.

The silver nose of the owl is an HD quality surveillance camera. Its rounded shape provides a wide viewing angle. A little lower is a microphone, motion and orientation sensors and a Wi-Fi module, through which a connection is established with a smartphone.

The owl turns on with a simple touch on the top of the head. Double tap and Ulo goes into monitoring mode. If motion sensors are triggered in this mode, the camera will start recording video and sound, and you will be able to upload files to where you specify during setup (Dropbox account or email).

The monitoring mode is also activated when the user leaves a certain area. The owl closes its eyes and begins to record everything that happens in its field of vision. The recording can be viewed online.

In tracking mode, the owl can work for a week without recharging. If Ulo is running at full functionality with eye expression, the device requires power every 2 days.

Ulo is also equipped with a tracking sensor that will activate the owl when someone passes by. It works like this.

Mounting Ulo is simple: just stick a plate with four magnets in the right place on a horizontal or vertical surface, and then attach a camera to them, at the bottom of which there is also a magnet. Working temperature — from -10°C to +50°C.

Complete darkness is not a problem for Ulo. The owl has night vision.

Owl Ulo can be used as a baby monitor, as it is possible to view video footage online. It is possible to spy on someone in another room, as the owl does not look like a surveillance camera at all, and its size makes it completely inconspicuous (8 x 8 cm). You can leave her to watch over the house while you are away.

If you think of Ulo not as a home monitoring tool, then this is a funny owl that you will not get bored with. And she will definitely not forget to wish you a happy birthday.


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