Universal bag BRIALDI Fullerton (Fullerton)

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Fashion often surprises us with the impracticality of its exhibits. Now these are bulky dresses, then strangely shaped hats. But what about the diametrical opposite of such things? Things that, along with their fashionable appearance, are also multifunctional. So, for example, the universal Fullerton bag from Brialdi masters can be called at the same time quite stylish and very convenient accessory.

Let’s take a closer look at it. Whether you’re a real expert or a hobbyist, the first thing you’ll notice is the premium material that the Fullerton bag is made from. This is saddlery leather, which is used in the manufacture of the most prestigious, and, therefore, high-quality accessories. In addition, Brialdi masters have been considered professionals in their field for many decades, so it is simply impossible to find a flaw in their work. All parts, clasps and latches are securely reinforced, and excellent quality leather protects the contents of the bag from damage.

Let’s evaluate the functionality. The Fullerton bag will fit flawlessly into your everyday life. If you are in a hurry to a business meeting, a solid and representative folder will come in handy. If you just go shopping or cafes with friends, then you will not find a better companion than a shoulder bag. And on a walk outside the city, it will be convenient to carry your things in a backpack behind your back. It’s all in one versatile bag. A couple of simple movements and a completely different accessory comes to your use. Each of the forms of the bag is replete with pockets, so you don’t have to worry about spaciousness.

Let’s look inside. For the interior upholstery, Brialdi masters have been generous with an equally pleasant and expensive material — Spanish wool felt, which, together with saddle leather, will ensure maximum safety for your belongings. While the outer pockets are designed to hold a variety of small items, the main inner compartment can accommodate important documents and a laptop up to 12 inches.

Summing up, we can say that Brialdi is a brand that always works for its customers. It provides them with the most necessary and no less stylish accessories. The Fullerton bag is a real confirmation of this.


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