Universal portfolio BRIALDI Telford (Telford)

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A real businessman needs to prove himself from the very beginning. The first impression of him is formed depending on what he is wearing, what accessories he uses, how polished his shoes are, and so on. And, in order not to lose face, you must always look your best, and this is impossible without a stylish bag or briefcase for papers. To say that the Telford universal portfolio, authored by the masters of Brialdi, is what a real businessman needs, is to say nothing.

With the Telford portfolio you will shine on the «podiums» of offices and cabinets. After all, not only is it hand-sewn from beautiful saddlery leather, it can also be comfortably carried over the shoulders. By the way, the most prestigious accessories are made from saddle leather, which is not a sin to boast at some social event. The briefcase is easy and convenient to carry by the firm handles, if you do not want to throw it on your back. Each of its details is not only practicality, but also a design idea. The Telford briefcase is the epitome of ergonomics and style.

Having run your hands over the portfolio, it is worth evaluating its overall functionality. Those who find it necessary to have everything at hand will have real pleasure, because Telford pleases us with the presence of a mass of zippered pockets where you can shelter your belongings. A4 papers will fit into the back pocket of the bag, and every little thing like business cards or keys can be placed in the outer three pockets.

What is there inside? First of all, it is worth noting the dense lining of the main compartment of first-class Spanish felt. Together with thick leather, it forms a reliable protection for your laptop up to 15″ from external damage. In addition to the roomy compartment, there is a zippered pocket designed for your phone, purse, documents and more.

So, the Telford briefcase. Brialdi, as usual, keeps the mark in the production of the highest quality products. The briefcase looks just as attractive on the outside as it does on the inside. This is a functional and convenient accessory that you want to have in your arsenal. Such a portfolio will show the world the taste and efficiency of its owner.


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