Venque Flypack Review

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Going on a business trip, we always think about what exactly to take with us: a backpack, a bag or a briefcase. In addition, if the trip is long, then you will need replacement things and hygiene items, and then you involuntarily think about a small suitcase.

And what if we say that all the accessories you need for a business trip can fit in one compact and stylish business style accessory, which is both a bag, a backpack and a briefcase. It is hard to believe in the existence of such a functional object, but it exists. This is the Flypack from the Canadian brand Venque, which leaves no doubt as to the best bag option for a work trip.

So why is the Venque Flypack the perfect travel bag?

Firstly, it consists of two main compartments, each of which has its own purpose. One compartment is designed specifically for clothing and hygiene items — it opens like a suitcase and has plenty of space for shirts, trousers, a T-shirt and one pair of boots.

A big plus is that the compartment for things is fixed with a mesh. In addition, it is claimed that this compartment also has three pockets for hygiene items. That’s true, but these pockets can actually be used to hold a laptop charger or a large portable battery. In general, quite functional and roomy compartment.

The other compartment has a padded pocket for a laptop up to 15 inches and a compartment for a tablet or notepad. That is, it will fit everything you need just for work.

In addition, Flypack is equipped with external compartments. On the front of the accessory there is a compartment and a pocket with a zipper. They are intended for those accessories that should be at hand — this is a passport, and keys, and a portable battery, and a wallet, and many other items.

Also on the «facade» of the Flypack you can find a hidden deep, but very narrow compartment — it is located directly under the brand logo engraved on the leather element. It is perfect for A4-sized documents, which, for example, will be necessary during negotiations.

On the back of the briefcase there is a zippered pocket, which is needed not only for storing items, but also carries one of the Flypack functional elements — a strap is folded into it for attaching to the suitcase handle. When there is not enough space in the bag for things, and you need a suitcase, this detail will greatly facilitate the trip, since the accessory does not have to be carried on the shoulder or behind the back.

Secondly, the material behind Flypack. This is a weather-resistant and durable Hyperlight Fabric that makes the accessory lightweight, waterproof and rigid.

The business style of the bag is revealed through both functional and design elements. The surface of the accessory has unique leather inserts, due to which the Flypack has an elegant and strict look. In addition, the handles are devoid of contours that are commonplace for office briefcases — this accessory has minimalist handles that are positioned so that they maintain a neat silhouette of the backpack.

Thirdly, the possibility of transforming a shoulder bag into a backpack or a briefcase and vice versa. The Flypack has a detachable shoulder strap that attaches to the side carabiners and has a padded element that makes the bag comfortable to wear on the shoulder.

If you need a backpack, then you can use straps. They are located in a compartment located at the top of the back. A big plus is that the straps are adjustable, soft and neat — just what you need to comfortably wear the accessory in a business setting.

The functionality of a strict business briefcase is achieved very simply — you just need to remove the shoulder strap, fold it into the compartment for the straps and take the accessory in your hand. Thus, Flypack has the ability to transform into a backpack, bag or briefcase, which, by the way, meets all the requirements for the size of hand luggage.

We explained why the Venque Flypack is good for a business trip. The accessory has high functionality, impressive capacity, coupled with a well-thought-out internal and external organization, a strict but attractive style and an exceptional minimalist design. In fact, you take 3 bags with you at once, which can be changed depending on the conditions.

The Venque Flypack is the perfect companion for business trips, balancing function and design.


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