Volterman: a revolution in wallet manufacturing

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History of the project.

The history of the creation of the wallet is quite interesting, and most importantly, vital. Azat (the main developer of the project) lost his wallet several times. After losing it for the third time, he began to think about acquiring a wallet that could be easily found. The desire to get such a wallet intensified when his three-year-old daughter hid the wallet behind the stove. Being sure that the wallet was lost, Azat spent more than a month recovering all the documents that were in that wallet. And only later «the secret became clear»: the purse was found, and the time and effort to reissue the documents had already been wasted!

After that incident, Azat began to actively search for a smart wallet with a GPS function, but all his searches were unsuccessful: the market could only offer wallets with a Bluetooth function with a maximum working distance of 20 meters.

These features were clearly not enough, so the future developer Volterman made a serious decision — to create his own wallet with «revolutionary» features and an amazing design! And he succeeded, judging by the positive public response on IndieGoGo.

Volterman’s team spent countless sleepless nights over the course of two years, painstakingly building a functional wallet prototype for mass production. Volterman is designed by Backbone Branding, an award-winning studio in its field of work.


7 features of the Volterman smart wallet:

  • 2600 mAh battery for smartphone charging.
  • Wireless charger
  • GPS locator.
  • Bluetooth alarm.
  • built-in camera;
  • built-in hotspot.
  • RFID protection

Add to this its water resistance, resistance to heat and heavy weights, practicality and stylish design.

The capacity of the battery will allow you to fully charge your phone without resorting to sockets or bulky portable batteries.

Moreover, the phone can be charged wirelessly as well, but only if the phone is compatible with wireless charging.

Volterman sends an alarm to the smartphone if the user loses sight of the wallet and also sends an alarm to the wallet if the mobile device is lost. In addition, the smart wallet is equipped with a GPS tracker, thanks to which it can be tracked anywhere in the world.

If the wallet was stolen, it will take a photo of the person who opened it and send the photo to the owner’s email. To do this, just activate the «lost mode».

If suddenly you really needed the Internet, this is also not a problem with the Volterman wallet: Bifold will «give» it to you.

Another important advantage of the novelty is the presence of “RFID protection”, which will protect bank cards from RFID theft.

The wallet also has advantages such as water resistance and resistance to heavy weights! And all this is experimentally proven

Having worked a lot with various wallets, the Bag&Wallet team can confidently say that the Volterman wallet is a real breakthrough, a big step forward in creating wallets.


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