What to gift?

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«What to gift?» — a question that stuns and makes almost any person doubt their fantasy on the eve of the New Year. Of course, you can directly ask the potential recipient of the gift about his preferences, but then the element of surprise is lost. Therefore, you often have to look for a present yourself. But don’t rush to the nearest mall.

We decided to help you in choosing gifts for your family and friends and made a small selection of inexpensive and unique items that will definitely differ from those that will lie under the Christmas tree on the first of January.

PS Each product from this collection costs no more than 3,500 rubles.

Wunderkey Key Accessories

Wunderkey is a compact and elegant key organizing solution. The accessory is designed to save the EDC from a bulky and rattling bunch of keys, which, among other things, can scratch other objects, such as a smartphone screen.

Of course, there are many analogues of Wunderkey (Orbitkey or Bellroy Key Cover, for example), but this accessory has two important features — the simplicity and reliability of the design and the ability to expand its functionality by adding additional details.

Wunderkey does not require special tools when assembling or disassembling the structure. You need to have any coin on hand to add a new key or functional element to the key holder system.

And the ability to expand the functionality of Wunderkey is provided through additional accessories that will never be redundant in the EDC. A multi-tool, a USB flash drive, a key ring, a grocery cart key and a set of extensions will make Wunderkey not just a key holder, but a full-fledged multifunctional and minimalistic tool.

Matador: goods for tourism

If you travel frequently and like to do so with a minimum amount of luggage, then Matador products are perfect for you. Because you are unlikely to find a towel or bedspread that will fold to the size of the palm of your hand and have a wide range of functions. And you will hardly find the same high-quality toilet bags as Matador, which will allow you to organize the necessary hygiene items in a compact and ergonomic way.

NanoDry Shower Towel

Trip to the beach. Visit to the gym. Overseas trip. This is one of the cases when towels come in very handy. In general, a towel is an essential element of EDC, but its problem is that it is bulky and takes an incredibly long time to dry. But this does not apply to the Matador NanoDry Shower Towel. Ultra-compact, exceptionally lightweight and quick-drying, it fits easily into your bag. And with the carrying case, the accessory can be easily attached to the outside of the backpack, keeping the wet towel away from the rest of the gear and allowing it to air out on the go.

Nano-fiber towel material is nearly 3 times lighter than conventional microfiber travel towels and can absorb up to 2 times its own weight. The accessory also has an antimicrobial coating that keeps it fresh. The NanoDry Shower Towel comes in two sizes — Large and Small — and each has the same set of features.

Cover Pocket Blanket 2.0

Festivals, beaches, parks, forests… At some point, you’ll want to sit down and relax a bit. And Matador Pocket Blanket 2.0 will provide a clean and dry space for that.

The waterproof and puncture-resistant blanket includes built-in corner stakes as well as weighted corners to keep it securely in place. And thanks to the integrated folding pattern and compact case, the accessory can be easily packed and taken with you, saving time and storage space.

FlatPak™ Toiletry Bottle 3-Pack

Toiletry bottles can be a real burden sometimes. Often bulky and clumsy, they are awkward to pack and, contrary to expectations, take up a lot of space.

But Matador has reimagined these accessories with the FlatPak™. It’s a comfortable companion for a more minimalist approach to travel, featuring a soft, compressible design. The accessory weighs only 11.5 grams and complies with the rules for the transport of liquids, having a volume of 90 ml.

The FlatPak™ is made from Cordura with a unique, patented coating that makes it completely watertight and therefore “ready” for all liquids.

FlatPak Toiletry Case

Hygiene accessories are those accessories that are necessary on any trip. And for them it is better to provide a high-quality and convenient travel bag. After all, when the shower gel accidentally spills in a suitcase, it will be too late …

The FlatPak Toiletry Case is optimal for several reasons. Firstly, it is spacious, but if necessary, its volumes can be reduced due to the roll-top design. Secondly, it is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about the safety of other things. Thirdly, it can be easily reformatted into a stand for bathroom accessories due to the hook.

Water bottles

It is believed that you need to drink at least one and a half liters of water per day in order to maintain vigor and replenish energy reserves. In theory, everything is very simple, but in practice it is not. Sometimes taking a standard bottle of water with you is problematic due to the lack of free space in the bag and for fear that it might spill. Sometimes you don’t want to buy water for environmental reasons. But we have bottles made from safe and environmentally friendly materials that require a minimum amount of space in a backpack and have non-standard features. These are Que Bottle and MemoBottle.

Que Bottle

You definitely have not come across such bottles. This is a silicone bottle that, like an accordion, shrinks or folds depending on how much water you need. At the same time, in a compressed form, the accessory has the size of a fist.

Que Bottle does not contain plastic, and the silicone from which it is made does not emit harmful substances, even when interacting with hot drinks. The bottle can be washed in the dishwasher.

A unique item, the volume of which changes in an unusual and intricate way. And environmentally friendly, because it is based on no plastic at all, which is quite rare in the modern world. And important, because it will take care of the optimal water balance of the body.


This bottle has a unique shape that makes it functional. The accessory has a flat silhouette, similar to a laptop or diary, which will not take up extra space in the bag. It seems that a non-standard solution has been found for the problem of lack of space for a water bottle in a backpack.

Memobottle is not only about compactness, but also about saving money and caring for the environment. Buying a bottle of water every day, you spend a substantial amount. By having MemoBottle on hand, you avoid this expense item. Yes, we know about the dangers of plastic when used for a long time. But MemoBottle is made of BPA-free plastic, which is a source of harmful substances.

On average, MemoBottle replaces about 300 plastic bottles per year. By simply avoiding buying plastic, you are contributing to the conservation of our planet.

Organizer Bellroy Pencil Case

As a rule, EDC includes many small items, without which it is difficult to imagine everyday life. These include multiple charging cables, a portable battery, keys, headphones, USB drives, and many other personalized accessories. And if there are not enough pockets for all the items in the backpack, then the organizer comes to the rescue.

Bellroy Pencil Case is an elegant and practical organizer for storing small EDC items easily accessible on the go. You can store a variety of things in the case: from stationery and headphones to cables, chargers and multi-tools.

In such accessories there is one big problem — «dark» corners that fall out of sight. But Bellroy solved this problem by introducing tension loops at both ends, which literally turn out all the insides of the organizer. Yes, you don’t have to rummage in search of a small detail.

Such an organizer is good because it easily transforms from a portable case into a desktop desktop. For example, when you arrive at the office, you can simply pull out the Bellroy Pencil Case with all the office accessories you need and get to work quickly. At the same time, the discreet and elegant design of the organizer will perfectly fit into the working atmosphere.

However, its functionality can be implemented not only within the office. The Bellroy Pencil Case is a handy travel organizer that keeps things close at hand.

Pillow OstrichPillow Loop

The Ostrich Pillow Loop may not look like any other pillow you’ve ever slept on, but that doesn’t mean you won’t get quality sleep. It looks like a cross between a blindfold and a scarf. Yes, its appearance is deceptive — but the pillow can be your secret accessory with which you can finally enjoy sound sleep on planes, trains and buses.

A very light and smooth pillow that will literally let you sink your head into a dune of comfort. And most importantly — it is practical, because it is difficult not to confuse it with a scarf or snood. The accessory is designed to completely wrap your head, immerse you in complete darkness, while providing soft side support so you can comfortably lean against a window or wall.

Filled with microbeads, the pillow adapts to your head size and facial features, thus blocking out 99.9% of light and other visual stimuli. Also, since your ears remain open, you can either listen to music or enjoy the sounds around you.

The Ostrich Pillow Loop will make you rethink the traditional U-shaped pillow, which is actually not that comfortable. And remember, healthy sleep is an important part of a productive day.

We hope that this compilation will help you avoid puzzles in finding the best gift for the New Year.

Happy New Year!


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