What to give for New Year’s Eve?

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There are less than two weeks left before the New Year, and many are still puzzled by the main question of December — What to gift? We decided to help you get rid of this headache and picked up some cool and extraordinary items that will definitely surprise the potential recipient of the gift. We took the optimal price as a basis — up to 3500 rubles.

PS We have already made a selection of gifts (it is here), so if you did not find anything interesting in this article, look in another one.

Warm gloves for touch screens — Mujjo Double layered touchscreen Gloves

December has already passed the equator, which means that it is definitely time to put on warm gloves. Mujjo’s double-layer gloves are a great way to stay warm without sacrificing the convenience of using your smartphone.

Mujjo is world famous for its high quality cases for iPhones (we have them) and for Apple tablets and laptops (and they do too). The brand also produces comfortable, warm and tidy touchscreen gloves. One of them is Mujjo Double Layered Touchscreen Gloves.

The gloves have silver yarn around the perimeter to ensure they interact with touch screens and give them a special look, devoid of monotony. Anti-slip rubber dots on the palms extend to the tips of all fingers for a secure grip on the phone. Wool lining with spandex and nylon make for a comfortable and flexible part of the accessory.

If you want to stay connected and keep your hands warm, Mujjo Double Layered Touchscreen Gloves are for you. Winter requires extraordinary and “warm” solutions!

Organizers for of things – Peak Design Packing Cube

Peak Design has captured the hearts of many photographers with its handy bags and innovative camera accessories. Not surprisingly, when the travel collection was launched last year, it also became a hit. Yes, the backpack is the flagship of this collection, but its functionality is provided by additional elements, including organizers for things.

Peak Design Packing Cubes are available in two sizes: small and medium (9 and 18 liters respectively) expand and contract with an additional zipper and include a second dirt compartment. A distinctive feature of the accessory is its opening mechanism: on one clasp there are two sliders that can be quickly opened by pulling the tab between them.

The main advantage of this accessory is that it will allow you to organize the space in your suitcase or backpack. With it, it will be more convenient to fold clothes and take them out if necessary, avoiding chaotic searches throughout the luggage space. It also saves space in your bag.

folding glass Stojo Cup

Disposable coffee cups are a big threat to the environment, and reusable options are often bulky and prone to spilling. But this is not about the Stojo Cup. This accessory is absolutely harmless, eco-friendly and compact.

The Stojo Cup is a foldable cup that takes up minimal space in a backpack and fits easily into a jacket pocket. Rigid polypropylene cap and silicone plug ensure the tightness of the accessory. Removable sleeve adds stability to the flexible silicone cup and keeps hot drinks out of your hands (the sleeve can be folded into the bottom of the cup when not in use).

Stojo is made of food-grade silicone, devoid of substances harmful to the body. If necessary, the accessory can be washed in a dishwasher or disassembled into parts for a more thorough cleaning.

Stojo Cup is a compact and efficient solution for those who want to save money but cannot do without coffee. Brew your favorite drink at home and enjoy it on the go, or count on a discount at your local cafeteria (yes, cafeterias sometimes give a discount to those who bring their own glass).

smart notepad Rocketbook Everlast Mini

The original solution for professionals who want to digitize work meetings and brainstorms in a fast and efficient way. Taking notes in a notebook is a traditional and effective method to capture the necessary information in a short time. A Rocketbook will allow you to transfer all the records to a digital version — to a phone or tablet, for example.

How the Rocketbook Everlast works is very simple — take notes in a notebook, scan a page using the application, send information to cloud storage (Dropbox, iCloud, Evernote, Box, Slack Google Drive and OneNote), wipe the notes with a damp cloth and write again.

The notebook consists of 48 pages, each of which can be used at least 5 times. You can write in the accessory using the special Pilot Frixion pen that comes with the kit.

As a rule, writing with a pen in a notebook is much more convenient and faster than using a stylus on a tablet. Yes, Rocketbook pages are not made of paper, but the material they are made of does not affect the speed or ease of writing notes.

All in all, the Rocketbook Everlast is the perfect accessory for those who like to write in a notebook but want to keep their notes digital.

Smart Scale Picooc Mini

Let’s dot all the i’s: scales as a gift are not a hint that a person is overweight. Especially in the case of Picooc Mini, since weight measurement is far from the main function of the accessory. Yes, they look like traditional scales, but their functionality is so wide that they can be called the home version of a comprehensive human body composition analyzer. The accessory helps to monitor the dynamics of changes in the main parameters of the body and, thereby, contributes to the normalization of the body’s vital functions. In other words, Picooc Mini encourages you to lead a healthy lifestyle.

How it works? You stand on the scale with your feet on the metal plates. A small alternating current is passed through you, as a result of which data on 12 basic parameters of the body are formed. And since the scales work on the basis of the application, the set of parameters turns into a system that builds the dynamics of changes in any element of the human body. For example, the percentage of visceral fat (the one that is deposited on the abdomen and on the sides).

It is noteworthy that the scales do not simply give «dry» data. The appendix describes in detail each parameter and its significance for the organism. An explanation is also given specifically for your dynamics of change. That is, you can get instructions on how to normalize or improve a particular indicator.

Scales can be used not only by one person. For example, all family members can monitor body indicators using Picooc Mini. An optimal and comprehensive gift for a couple.

And a little about design. Picooc Mini scales have a sleek design that will look organically anywhere in the home. But for the purity of the indicators, it is better to put them where there is a flat surface.

Functional passport covers — Zavtra and Belbuck

We are accustomed to the fact that a passport cover is an accessory designed to protect a document from scratches or decorate its monotonous facade. But this item can also have a functional basis if you add a couple of card slots to it and move away from the usual and boring «book» style. This idea was brought to life by Zavtra and Belbuck.

Each of the brands uses natural leather as the main material, which emphasizes the severity of the document. At the same time, both accessories are presented in several colors.

If we talk about the cover for the passport from Zavtra, then we can immediately note the mechanism that allows you to remove the passport. The document is located in a separate compartment, endowed with a tongue. By pulling it, you can easily take out your passport. This concept allows you to protect the document from moisture and minor damage, as it is literally wrapped in leather.

In addition, Zavtra has two compartments in which you can put bank cards, rights, business cards or a travel card. By the way, you can put a boarding pass or PTS in the passport compartment. That is, this accessory is more of a wallet that compactly accommodates everything you need during the day. Zavtra can also be used as a travel wallet that will allow you to take only the essentials, saving you from unnecessary burdens and worries.

The Belbuck, on the other hand, has a traditional book style, complete with several pockets for credit cards, driver’s license, etc. This accessory is notable for its elegance and neat contours. The colors in which Belbuck is presented are unique for this kind of leather accessories.

Belbuck will also let you ditch your wallet if you want to go somewhere light but badly need a passport. The accessory can be taken with you on a trip, as it will compactly replace a traditional wallet.



We hope that in this collection you have found something interesting as a gift idea.

Happy New Year!


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