What was 2015 for us?

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So the second year of the existence of the BagAndWallet.ru online store is coming to an end. It’s time to sum it up. Here (link), by the way, the results of the previous year, if you’re interested. One of the last posts in that post was:

This is just the beginning of our activity, the first experience. There are big plans for 2015 ahead.

This year turned out to be somewhat more difficult than 2014, but first things first. Here’s what we remember this year:

At the beginning of the year, we experienced a slight drop in sales (by the way, the worst months for us were January and …… drum roll … .. May, which is generally logical, since in January everyone celebrates the New Year for a whole month, and in May they go to dacha — there is no time for gifts to yourself and loved ones).


So, feeling the lack of orders, we sat down to think about how to remedy the situation. Many of the buyers note that we have a small selection (this is not always a bad thing, by the way), so we started looking for what we like. As a result, this year we expanded the range with the following brands: Ray Button (backpacks, bags and wallets for every day), Seyvr (wallets with smartphone charger), Dun Wallets (the thinnest leather wallets in the world), Hyper Keeper (good travel wallet), Harman Kardon (premium Bluetooth speaker with high-quality sound). We also tried to more or less actively cover our products in various blogs. All this allowed us not to fall in the number of sales in this difficult year.

In 2015, we participated in Black Friday for the first time. To be honest, we didn’t have high hopes for this event because we didn’t advertise our upcoming mini-sale anywhere. However, the feeling that «here it is, Black Friday» came at about 10 am this very Friday. By this time, we had already received the standard number of orders for a working day, but then more: by the end of Friday there were already a lot of orders and we began to worry that we would sell all the wallets that we bought for New Year’s sales over the weekend. A small miscalculation was that we made it possible to buy not only those items that were in stock, but also pre-order new models with the same discount. The latter does not fit into the idea of ​​»Black Friday» a bit, but it’s okay — we’ll take it into account next year)

This year we moved to a new office on Maroseyka, which has become a full-fledged “showroom” and pickup point with a convenient location just two minutes from the Kitai-Gorod metro station.

For the next year, we already have certain tasks:

  • Also expand the assortment (we really hope to bring revolutionary backpacks for every day Riut Bags by March — of course this will not be the only novelty).
  • Try to find partners not only in the regions of Russia, but also in Belarus and Kazakhstan. Promoting a brand alone is quite problematic, especially at the moment.
  • Try a new shipping company. By the end of the year, we began to receive complaints about CDEK, so we will look for a better carrier.

I don’t want to guess how 2016 will turn out: for us, as it was, the main task remains to offer our customers interesting and high-quality goods at an attractive price, offering good service and always meeting the needs of customers. If you have questions or suggestions on any topic, ask us in the group https://vk.com/bellroy or by mail mail@bagandwallet.ru 🙂

Congratulations on the upcoming New Year!

We wish the next year to be rich in pleasant events!

We hope to see you next year!


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