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Fashion historian Milana Abieva spoke specifically for the online magazine «Shipyards» about why backpacks are so popular among women and what to combine this accessory with.

The trend for backpacks has not lost its position for more than one season in a row. Moreover, perhaps, this time the backpack completely marks the place of an indispensable accessory for every fashionista — regardless of lifestyle and profession. It is interesting that backpacks, which began their next coming into the world of fashion — both street and high — have turned from a purely sports accessory into a very elegant and feminine one.

The creativity of designers and the liberality of modern fashion have allowed backpacks to take on a variety of forms and functions. Thus, today even the most elegant and accomplished woman can confidently complement her outfit with a backpack and look appropriate and stylish. After all, backpacks are very different — the main thing is to find the option that suits you.

Let’s start with perhaps the most familiar version — a sports backpack with many pockets and compartments. This option is the best fit for the dynamic representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. Nevertheless, today’s fashion allows you to wear such a backpack not only to the gym or for a walk, but also to work, in a cafe or in a movie — the main thing is to style it correctly.

Why a backpack is perfect for any woman
With a sports backpack — both in a cafe and at work

Wear such a backpack with still-relevant rough boots or orthopedic sandals. For a more relaxed look, pair this backpack with jeans or shorts and an oversized white shirt. If you want to impress, then pair this backpack with a rustic mini dress or wide palazzo trousers paired with a crop top. The effect of an exploding bomb will be provided to you!

Why a backpack is perfect for any woman
Sports backpack goes well not only with a tracksuit

If you prefer more concise and discreet looks, but do not neglect convenience, then pay attention to bulky backpacks of a more minimalistic design, made of leather or suede. This backpack will perfectly emphasize your elegance, but at the same time it will contain everything you need.

Why a backpack is perfect for any woman
Bulky but laconic leather backpack

Style this backpack with white or trendy neon sneakers during the day. Well, in the evening, such a backpack will look great with linen shorts and a jacket, complemented by delicate bizarre low-heeled ones.

Summer gives us even more room for imagination, and therefore this summer, instead of a wicker basket bag, you can opt for a backpack bag made of textiles.

Such a backpack will be a fresh and non-standard solution for hot summer days in the city. Moreover, you can safely take it on vacation to the resort and even after the end of the summer season, skillfully combine it with your winter wardrobe.

Why a backpack is perfect for any woman
Laconic Chanel backpack. Source: Getty Images

If it still seems to you that backpacks are the prerogative of exclusively young people, then I hasten to please you. This super-fashionable accessory will suit even adult women who prefer elegance exclusively. After all, now even the most self-respecting luxury brands — such as Hermès and Chanel — create backpacks. Laconic models made of leather, complemented by recognizable fittings, will perfectly fit into any status image. Moreover, backpacks are not at all necessary and should not even be worn on the back.

Well, where are we without the “micro” format, which has firmly established itself in fashion for a couple of seasons now. Miniature backpacks can hardly be called functional, but they will definitely provide an actual look.

Why a backpack is perfect for any woman

Such a backpack made of leather can even be taken to a cocktail party or a social event. It will look more than appropriate, and will also add freshness and summer carelessness to your image.


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