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Fashion historian Milana Abieva, especially for the online magazine «Shipyards», spoke about why shoes and a bag in the same color are not always the best solution for an image.

As you know, fashion does not stand still. Along with our lifestyle and technological progress, the external image is also changing: both female and male. Unlike the previous century, when each decade in fashion had its own clear ideals of beauty and style, the present time, on the contrary, is quite supportive of all sorts of ways to express one’s individuality.

However, regardless of what lifestyle or style you are close to, it is important to remember a few rules that can save you from “fashion failures”. Today we will talk about one of them. And it sounds like this — «never combine shoes and a bag of a single color or style.» It’s funny that a couple of decades ago, a good set of handbags and shoes was a real lifesaver for many fashionable ones.

Why a shoe bag is not the best solution
You can combine the color of the bag with any element of the wardrobe.

It was worth getting elegant red pumps and an equally elegant red handbag — and any of your outfits instantly became complete and strong. But the fashion of today, with all its diversity, does not tolerate direct quotations from the past. The main principle of modern fashion is a mixture of styles. No wonder the Queen of Great Britain, who has a weakness for ensembles of matching shoes and handbags, with enviable constancy gets into the lists of the most tastelessly dressed persons.

Of course, we are not talking about complementing pumps with the thinnest stiletto heels with a bulky sports backpack, but the combination of biker boots and a micro-bag or bulky white sneakers and an elegant leather shopping bag will add 100 points to your look.

To prove my words, I propose to analyze the vivid images of the most iconic fashion weeks.

Perhaps if the owner of this ultra-stylish look complemented her voluminous silver-colored clutch with shoes or sandals to match, it would be a complete failure. Indeed, sometimes the details not only matter, but completely change the image — both for the better and for the worse. Well, if you still want the elements of your image to have color “support”, which is better, add non-trivial glasses or a massive necklace of a similar shade — this is always a win-win option.

Why a shoe bag is not the best solution

What to wear with massive soldier’s boots that have not lost their positions for more than a year? Of course, not with a voluminous backpack, as you might think. By no means!

Why a shoe bag is not the best solution

An elegant compact handbag — preferably made of plastic or other unusual material — will perfectly emphasize your femininity in contrast with such boots. Taking advantage of the stylistic contrast, you can give preference to a similar color scheme of accessories.

Should you complement rough cowboy boots with a suede bag with matching fringe? Certainly not! If you are betting on such an expressive accessory, then all other elements of your image should be as neutral as possible. And the bag is no exception. Complement these boots or other masculine boots with a micro bag for a truly trendy look.

Why a shoe bag is not the best solution

For more than one season, and even a year, we have seen the enduring popularity of white sneakers and sneakers. Sometimes, such frankly sports shoes flash even at social events. And no wonder — after all, the combination of a classic suit and sports shoes has already become, in a way, a classic of our time.

Why a shoe bag is not the best solution

These sneakers are also perfect for creating a frankly relaxed look. But do not forget — we supplement them not with a backpack, but with a handbag on a long chain or an oversized clutch.

And if, nevertheless, the combination of masculine and feminine with classic and elegant in one outfit does not get along with your idea of ​​\u200b\u200bstyle, then use color contrasts. Classic and feminine ankle boots or shoes in a neutral shade are perfectly refreshed by a handbag in a lemon or blue hue.

Much more important is not so much the combination of different colors, but the harmonious combination of shapes, styles of clothing and even materials. Try to focus on one thing, diluting the brightness with something neutral: this way you can make a good impression on even the most boring audience.

Why a shoe bag is not the best solution


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