Wolffepack Metro backpack review

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At first glance, the Wolffepack Metro is another urban backpack. Moderately simple, moderately roomy (22 liters), in the traditional black color, with wide shoulder straps and several compartments and pockets for small items. Everything is as usual.


The appearance in general and the combination of colors in particular are quite typical for an urban backpack, it does not look too bright or catchy — a boring, black, ordinary backpack. For me, this is a plus, because I think that a backpack should be inconspicuous. In addition, the Wolffepack Metro backpack is made of waterproof fabric.


The backpack accommodates a laptop with a screen diagonal of up to 15», that is, typical models with these display sizes. There is one large zippered pocket, in which there is a compartment for a laptop, tablet or documents, and several smaller pockets. There is also one smaller pocket, also with a zipper, it has small compartments for various small things, pens, business cards, wallet and so on.


In addition, there is a separate zipped pocket for various essentials on the front of the backpack and a compartment for a water bottle or umbrella located in the main compartment.


The quality of materials and workmanship is at a good level: nothing sticks out anywhere, zippers close and open perfectly, they have comfortable, moderately large tongues.


Separately, I note a convenient handle on the backpack. Often, new backpacks from a variety of companies come with just some thin rope instead of a handle. Apparently, it is understood that a person will wear a backpack exclusively behind his back, and when taking it off, he will hold it by the straps, because holding a backpack weighing 10-12 kilograms with thin handles is, to put it mildly, uncomfortable. Here is a good, wide, dense handle, moreover, it is located strictly on top, and not somewhere on the side (this also happens all the time).


The straps of the Wolffepack Metro backpack are also excellent — wide, moderately tight, with support and a convenient adjustment system.

It turns out a solid city backpack with a moderate capacity, not bad, even if nothing supernatural is offered here, with a set of pockets and compartments and “biters” worth about 100 pounds (8,500 rubles) on the official website or about 12,000 rubles in Russia. All? No.

In Wolffepack, there is one feature for which everything was started, for which people carried money to the project on Kickstarter and then waited for parcels for many months. This feature — backpack release system.


The backpack consists of two separate modules — the actual backpack with pockets and separate straps with support for the back, this is the second module. Between themselves, the two modules are connected by a special cable that can withstand a load of up to 300 kilograms. The principle of operation is simple — you put on a backpack and when you need to get something out of it, hold down the key on a special lever and release it, so the mount disconnects the backpack from the module with straps, and you can pull it towards you without removing the straps. Take out what you need and tighten the cable back on yourself.


Here’s what it looks like:


The idea, in fact, is simply amazing, and it is surprising that no one thought of it before. But, as it turned out, not everything is so obvious and easy. Yes, Wolffepack is good as an ordinary urban backpack, but in terms of the implementation of the detachment mechanism, everything is not entirely clear.

Firstly, due to the presence of the mechanism, one strap is thicker and slightly more massive than the other, and the backpack itself is relatively heavy. For a volume of 22 liters, the mass of the backpack (1.4 kilograms) is not to say that it is small. I have a dedicated travel backpack, the 40L Incase EO Travel Backpack, and it weighs the same 1.4kg with almost double the capacity.

Secondly, the detachment system does not work like clockwork, to put it mildly. Yes, I admit that you just need to get used to it, and you can unfasten the backpack from the module in a couple of seconds, but I didn’t succeed, and sometimes there were situations when I couldn’t unfasten it for a whole minute or, on the contrary, put it back in place .


The unconditional plus of Wolffepack is the detachment system itself, it has already been implemented, even if it does not work perfectly yet. If the described scenario with the constant need to get a backpack from behind is relevant for you, you should pay attention to backpacks from Wolffepack


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