Women’s business bag BRIALDI Alicante (Alicante)

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A business woman can be restrained, self-confident, boldly step into adversity and climb up the career ladder, but she will still remain a woman — a creature greedy for stylish, elegant designer items. And it can be said with firm confidence that not a single business woman with taste will pass by the luxurious Alicante bag, the creation of Brialdi.

This minimalist accessory is the perfect complement to a feminine business look. Alicante is equally well suited for skirts and trousers, blouses and classic-style jackets. Thanks to the unobtrusive design, the bag will not be too conspicuous; but, paying attention to her, you can fully appreciate all her charm and femininity.

It is noticeable to the naked eye that Alicante is made of very high quality and expensive material. Indeed, Brialdi craftsmen select only the best grades of leather for their bags. The handles and shoulder strap of the accessory are also made of genuine leather. In addition, they are finished with durable stitching, which inspires confidence in the reliability of the bag.

Contrary to custom, a business woman needs from a bag not only an attractive appearance, but also functionality, which, of course, Alicante can also boast of. The inner compartment is divided into three compartments, two of which are closed with magnets, and the third is securely fastened with a zipper. Here you can identify a variety of documents, papers, a laptop or tablet, as well as a recent issue of Vogue. In one of the pockets there is an organizer for stationery, which will keep the bag organized.

All in all, Alicante is a great choice for the modern business woman. This bag will satisfy both the aesthetic feelings of a woman and her strict requirements for the practicality of an accessory.


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