Women’s business bag BRIALDI Deia (Deia)

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The Deia leather bag bears the name of a tiny village located on the Spanish island of Mallorca. Here, after the First World War, hundreds of immigrants started life from scratch, and romantic landscapes and olive groves inspired poets and writers. Perhaps there is no woman who would not take the opportunity to feel this idyllic Spanish atmosphere, which the Brialdi masters convey with the name of their accessory.

What, besides pleasant associations, can attract a Deia bag?

· Inconspicuous, but no less elegant and original design. Solid leather, comfortable handles and a shoulder strap — everything in this bag looks discreet and presentable, and this is what a business woman needs.

· Stunning quality material used for tailoring. Brialdi masters know a lot about first-class leather and how to process it. In their hands, whole skins turn into real works of art.

· Handmade. Carefully and carefully stitched details, securely attached handles, jewelry stitches — this is what the Brialdi brand has been famous for over a hundred years all over the world.

· Practicality, so important for true business women. Three main compartments can easily fit important A4 documents, a laptop or tablet and a lot of little things, for which separate zippered pockets are provided. One of the compartments has a convenient business unit for documents, a smartphone, stationery and a purse.

To remain a woman at work, flashy colors and unnecessary details are not needed. To do this, you just need to have a taste and sense of style, which the Deia bag will tell others about. Such an accessory will present the owner in a favorable light, emphasizing the positive aspects of her image, and hiding minor flaws (if any). Deia is a real fighting friend and a faithful assistant in the business world.


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