Women’s business bag BRIALDI Elche (Elche)

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There is a saying that the only thing that is not in any women’s bag is order. But the craftsmen from Brialdi would not agree with this at the root, because they are releasing another stylish bag for real business women under the exquisite name Elche. This bag will become a symbol of the owner’s composure and efficiency for everyone around.

Armed with such a representative classic accessory, you can safely conquer the top of the career ladder. You can leave all worries about your appearance in the past, because Elche is a great addition to the image of a business woman. High-quality monochromatic leather, an original type of handle and amazing capacity will make a positive impression on all employees of the owner of the bag, making her every appearance spectacular and unforgettable.

Brialdi is known all over the world for the quality of its products, and the first thing that fundamentally distinguishes their accessories from others is the leather used for tailoring. In their work, Brialdi craftsmen choose only the highest quality leathers, and only whole hides. Therefore, any accessory that comes out with the Brialdi logo is distinguished by amazing texture, durability and authentic appearance.

Based on the fact that Elche is still a business bag, it is necessary to emphasize its exceptional practicality. In its main compartment, in addition to pockets for a laptop and papers, there is a special zippered compartment for documents of special importance, equipped with dense walls. In addition to this, in the next compartment there is a business unit, which will serve perfectly as an organization of office supplies and important little things, like a phone or documents.

Elche is a worthy accessory for a worthy woman. It is perfect for purposeful and self-confident people who go to their goal without knowing fatigue.


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