Women’s business bag BRIALDI Vigo (Vigo)

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Briefcases are completely unfeminine business accessories. The destiny of women is an elegant business bag, practical, stylish and modest. This description perfectly fits the Vigo bag, presented to the world by the masters of Brialdi. This truly feminine bag is not only functional, but also eye-catching with its original look, making it the perfect choice for any business woman.

Graceful exterior

It is impossible not to pay attention to the special leather trim on the bag valve. Thanks to her, the material resembles the skin of a reptile. This gives the look of the accessory a certain aggressiveness, as if saying: «Jokes are bad with me.» Such a bag will be very handy if you need to ensure a spectacular appearance among strangers in order to make the right impression.

Professional work of masters

Brialdi’s requirements are equally high both for the products and for the people who produce them. That is why the Brialdi brand is known throughout the world and is associated only with first-class work, the best materials and professional craftsmen who have been honing their skills for years, tirelessly creating more and more new masterpieces from the finest leathers.

Practical interior

The Vigo bag is not in vain called business, it fully corresponds to this name. It is equipped with a sufficient number of compartments and pockets to comfortably accommodate not only a laptop, tablet and A4 documents, but also a lot of little things that should always be at hand. Special pockets perfectly fit stationery, mobile phone, keys and documents. Practicality Vigo does not hold.


Vigo is a wonderful example of the professional work of Brialdi craftsmen. This bag will organically fit into the wardrobe of a real business woman, greatly simplifying her way up the career ladder.


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