Women’s business briefcase BRIALDI Blanes (Blanes)

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The classic business briefcase has been considered an attribute exclusively of men from time immemorial. However, in our time, when more and more women want to do business, this accessory has stepped over the gender line and many women wear it with dignity. Brialdi has created the Blanes Business Portfolio, which will bring a serious presence to any woman, while at the same time emphasizing her grace and elegance.

Brialdi’s Blanes briefcase is a classic business design with soft feminine touches, perfect for strong and independent women who value style and practicality. A spectacular external appearance of an accessory will allow you to stand out from the crowd, securing a solid image for its owner. A wide selection of accessory colors will allow even the most demanding lady to find an option to her liking.

What about the spaciousness of Blanes? Inside the portfolio there are two main compartments, the first one contains a business unit for a smartphone, notebook, stationery and business cards. The second compartment can accommodate a tablet or netbook up to 12 inches, as well as A4 paper. Between the main compartments is a pocket, specially reinforced to store especially important documents. Outside, the briefcase is equipped with two more compartments: on the back there is a roomy and convenient zippered pocket and an open pocket on the front.

The Blanes briefcase is made of high-quality genuine leather, which impresses with its unique texture, fine finish, and color depth. The fittings and the lock of the accessory fit perfectly into the overall ensemble. Each rivet is additionally reinforced for greater reliability.

Let me summarize: the Blanes portfolio is perfect for business women who appreciate the practicality of the content no less than the elegance and sophistication of the form. And the reliability and quality of Brialdi will allow the accessory to serve for many years.


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