Women’s business briefcase BRIALDI Murcia (Murcia)

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The famous French fashion designer, the creator of the very «little black dress», Coco Chanel once said: — «Fashion passes, style remains.» It’s hard not to agree with Madame Chanel: despite the volatility of fashion, there are certain things that will never be out of date, like the classic business briefcase. Especially for elegant and graceful business women, Brialdi has created the Murcia women’s briefcase.

The accessory has a simple but sophisticated design that will allow any woman to stand out against the backdrop of even the highest business society. However, Murcia is not only style, but also practicality, as well as ease of use. Inside the briefcase there are two large compartments, one of which is a business unit designed for a smartphone, business cards, notepad, stationery and other necessary little things. The second compartment will perfectly fit a 13-inch netbook or tablet, as well as A4 paper. Between the main compartments is a pocket, specially reinforced so that you can store important documents in it. Outside the briefcase, in its back part, a spacious zippered pocket is conveniently located.

For the Murcia briefcase, Brialdi craftsmen chose first-class genuine leather. An elegant and luxurious material, moreover, it is highly resistant to mechanical and natural stimuli. Comfortable anatomical leather handle sits comfortably in the hand. Lining made of fabric with a protective Silktouch coating will protect the briefcase from unwanted damage from the inside.

The world of business can sometimes be very harsh and difficult, so you need to be constantly ready. So why not simplify your business life a bit by purchasing such a practical, reliable and at the same time stylish accessory as the Murcia briefcase from Brialdi.


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