Women’s business briefcase BRIALDI Sevilla (Sevilla)

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Brialdi accessories can complement any wardrobe. They are suitable for both casual-style things and a classic image. This time we will talk about a purely business women’s portfolio with the Spanish name Sevilla. He will not only accompany the busy owner to business meetings, but also securely store all important documents and her electronic assistant.

Sevilla is strict in appearance, but this does not deprive it of elegance and sophistication at all, because it is hand-sewn by true professionals in their field. Brialdi craftsmen, like no one else, can process the leather, select the right details and, finally, sew the most pleasant-looking and at the same time practical and ergonomic thing.

Thanks to the restraint and classic look of the bag, devoid of bright details, you can pay maximum attention to the material used for sewing. This is a premium Great Nappa leather, which is used to create the most prestigious and at the same time reliable things. Perhaps there is no woman in the world who would remain indifferent to such exquisite material.

In terms of practicality, Sevilla does not disappoint either: under the metal briefcase lock is the main compartment that can accommodate a 12” laptop and an A4 document folder. There are zippered pockets for small things like a passport or a smartphone, and stationery can be placed in a special business unit. Doing business with such a portfolio is a pleasure.

At the first glance at Sevilla, you can feel its efficiency and emphasized classic style. He is personable and makes an exceptional impression on those around him. Refusing to buy such a portfolio means losing a stylish and spectacular business partner, and no business woman can make such a sacrifice.


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