Women’s business briefcase BRIALDI Vitoria (Vitoria)

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The name Vitoria refers us to the water surface of the Atlantic Ocean. This city, located on a separate island, is one of the most important ports in Brazil. Vitoria attracts with its rich life, rich cultural heritage and picturesque landscapes. Probably, Brialdi designers wanted their next brainchild to be associated with this place precisely because of a number of its positive qualities.

The Vitoria business bag is a fine example of the craftsmanship of the Brialdi professionals. Impeccable handwork, packaged in a more than attractive appearance of this bag, allows you to call it a real masterpiece of leather craft. Touching such a high-quality sewn bag, you can immediately feel the experience of the masters honed over the years, who had a hand in this accessory.

The leather from which Vitoria is sewn repeats the unique patterns of crocodile or lizard skin with its texture and patterns, which gives the bag even more authenticity and originality. This type of leather is called Vatelino, and it is used for sewing the most refined and prestigious accessories, not only to provide them with a chic look, but also to reliably protect them from damage of a different nature.

Vitoria will also provide its owner with comfort when carrying any volume of business papers. Under the flap of the bag is a spacious main compartment that can accommodate both the things you need to work like a laptop, and a variety of small things, for which separate pockets are designed. The inside of the bag is lined with a fabric lining with a Silktouch protective coating, so you can be sure that the contents of the bag will remain safe and sound.

The Vitoria business bag is not just a high-quality stylish accessory. It is also a luxury item that can conquer even the most critical business woman.


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