Zungle Viper V2 Sunglasses Review

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If you were looking for a way to combine sunglasses and headphones, then we have found it. These are the Zungle Viper V2 glasses, which are based on the principle of sound transmission to the inner ear due to bone conduction. They are especially relevant now, when summer spoils us with hot sunny days, and the mood is to walk down the street to bright music. This is the perfect accessory for a modern person, which perfectly combines catchy style and advanced technology.

Sometimes portable or wearable electronic devices, which imply a combination of external design and internal functionality, turn out to be unfinished, and soon one of their features begins to “limp”. In this regard, there are no problems with the Zungle Viper V2 glasses — they look stylish, play music perfectly thanks to a reliable Bluetooth connection with a smartphone and are equipped with a voice control system for working with Siri or Alice. And yes, the accessory has an integrated noise reduction system to make it convenient for you to answer the call without taking your phone out of your pocket.

Considered the best bone conduction technology in music, the performance of the new Vibra speakers is truly amazing. Firstly, they are larger and fit closer to the head, which improves the quality of sound transmission and its volume. It works like this:

Secondly, the new speakers use Bluetooth version 5.0, so that the connection between the smartphone and glasses will be reliable and fast. Thirdly, the accessory only needs an hour to fully charge. By the way, Viper V2 can work continuously for 4 hours in music listening mode.

Weighing only 50 g, the sunglasses provide a comfortable and snug fit on the head. They have a water-repellent coating — you can go on any adventure with them without fear for their safety. Zungle also launched the sale of eight additional lenses in different colors (sold separately) so that you can adapt them to any style requirement.

People who love to listen to music and at the same time want to look stylish will be hard pressed to find something better than the Zungle Viper V2 Sunglasses. This accessory is excellent value for money. You will experience all the benefits of these glasses as soon as you connect them to your phone on a hot sunny day.

Musical sunglasses have taken the world of style and technology by storm and this quirky accessory will definitely appeal to those looking for something a little different for their summer EDC. Sophisticated design, advanced technology and durable material — all that makes these glasses unique and attractive.


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