BRIALDI Cambridge leather shoulder bag

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Cambridge is the «university» capital of Great Britain, the alma mater of dozens of Nobel laureates and the center of hundreds of scientific discoveries. It’s no surprise that the masters of the Brialdi manufactory decided to give this bag such an iconic name. Academically strict, well-organized, but not devoid of some student recklessness.

So, let’s take a closer look at Cambridge.

Rectangular bag, horizontal orientation. Carried over the shoulder with an ergonomic strap. Color — the usual black, with a matte finish. Genuine branded Great Nappa leather of first-class hand-dressing. Delicate to the touch, and reliable «in operation». With proper care, it will last a long time and will not lose its original appearance.

The front “panel” of the tablet, hidden behind a cap flap with a magnet button, is decorated with original decorative seams. Their white color is especially advantageous in contrast to the radically dark surface of Cambridge.

Let’s lift the «lid» and look inside.

A very spacious central compartment can accommodate a small (up to 12 inches) tablet computer (laptop) in the company of papers, magazines, notebooks, etc. The fabric lining with a special Silktouch coating contributes to the best safety of both things and the bag itself. The central office is additionally equipped with a pocket on a lightning.

Two more pockets (consignment note and sewn) are located on the front side. Closer to the body (on the back wall) there is a pocket for the most valuable. The patch compartment is a full-fledged organizer with compartments for keys, pens, a notepad, a business card holder and a mobile phone.

So, if in a nutshell.

Brialdi Cambridge is a handy, neat and attractive tablet. It is equally good as a business accessory for an accomplished person, and as a worthy gift for a diligent student.


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