BRIALDI Chelsea leather shoulder bag

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The subject of our today’s study is a business tablet Brialdi Chelsea. We don’t know if it is named after a famous football club or if it’s just a coincidence, but interesting parallels can be traced.

As if emphasizing its connection with foggy Albion, the messenger is designed in a British way, strictly and neatly, and at the same time very elegantly. 100% genuine and superbly crafted leather. This material is pleasant to the touch due to the careful processing and fine texture of the surface. But do not be deceived by the softness of the skin — it endures the «hardships of service» and retains its original appearance for a long time.

The tablet is designed to be carried on the shoulder with an adjustable strap. The external design of Chelsea is concise — no decorations or unnecessary details. All pockets are hidden under a single flap with magnetic fasteners. On the back of the bag there is a discreet pocket with a metal zipper.

Open the valve and look inside. Here, as befits good football players, the Italian masters of Brialdi prepared an unexpected feint. Between two identical compartments with zippers there is a third one, which closes with magnet buttons. Plus a smaller pocket. As a result, there is enough space to conveniently place and store A4 papers, a 13.3-inch tablet or laptop, and all other necessary business accessories in order.

Summary: Brialdi Chelsea is a true British gentleman. Strict, collected, but not without charm and charm. Made with Italian imagination and attention to detail.


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